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Discover, design and implement technology to transform your business

Digital transformation empowers the business to adopt the widest possible range of solutions and services. IBM provides a portfolio of solutions for AI, big data and analytics, hybrid cloud, DevOps and security that puts the power of digital transformation to work to build a smarter business, one that ensures the reliability of critical assets and the adaptability of operations.

Logicalis, with over 20 years’ technology expertise, is engaged across the complete IBM product portfolio including cloud solutions, servers, storage, security, and IT sustainability solutions.

We have IBM Platinum Partner status, the top-tier of IBM’s partner programme, which recognises Logicalis expertise and dedication to the partnership. From design, to build, and through to implementation, our breadth of experience ensures we deliver solutions that can leverage the full capability of IBM’s offerings, whether on-premise, hosted, or in the cloud.


Logicalis in partnership with IBM

IBM Platinum Partner

As a certified IBM Platinum Partner, Logicalis is fully engaged across IBM’s product and solutions portfolio. Our team of IBM technology specialists and dedicated consultants provide the resources, technical knowledge, and service offerings to drive an efficient digital organisation.

Solutions to transform your business

The latest generation of IBM servers, storage and software can help you modernise and scale on-premises and in the cloud with secure hybrid cloud and trusted AI automation and insights. Build in security, data protection and expert managed services tailored to your specific requirements, and IBM can deliver a technology ecosystem like no other.

Leading IBM Analytics Partner

As a leading IBM analytics partner, our Data & Information Insights team are primed, ready to deliver the full Cognos suite of financial performance management (FPM) and Business Intelligence technologies. Our dedicated team commit to the support of operations and management of information platforms.

Streamline environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting to meet compliance and sustainability initiatives with IBM Envizi

IBM Envizi automates the collection and consolidation of more than 500 data types and supports major sustainability reporting frameworks. It's user-friendly and easily customised dashboards enable organisations to analyse, manage and report on environmental goals, identify efficiency opportunities, and assess sustainability risk.


Gain valuable sustainable insights to inform business strategy

The power behind the IBM Envizi suite is a robust data management foundation designed to create a single, trusted data source for all your ESG reporting and opportunity identification.


Envizi's suite of cloud based, ESG software products work together in three ways:


1. Build a data foundation 


A single system of record that delivers auditable, robust ESG data and GHG calculations.


2. Streamline reporting and disclosure


Flexible reporting tools to meet internal and external requirements for comprehensive ESG reporting and disclosure.


3. Accelerate decarbonization 


Analytical tools to identify opportunities to reach low carbon goals and track performance against sustainability commitments.


With all data management handled via a single system of record, Envizi’s wide range of products deliver everything you need to increase your sustainability performance with speed and simplicity.


Ready to transform your ESG reporting?

At Logicalis, we provide a full range of services that help our customers to measure and reduce the environmental impact of their technology.


Get in touch with our specialists today to learn more, discover how IBM Envizi can help accelerate your ESG strategy and start your free 14-day trial.


Bring next-level security and stability to your cloud infrastructure with IBM LinuxONE

Build a sustainable infrastructure, reduce energy costs, and carbon footprint with IBM LinuxONE, an enterprise-grade family of high-performance Linux® servers that bring together IBM’s experience in building Z mainframe systems with the openness of the Linux operating system.

With a unique architecture designed to meet the needs of mission-critical workloads, LinuxONE provides a sustainable, secure, and scalable system for organisations of all sizes.


Start your journey with LinuxONE


- Offers encryption everywhere, high availability and resiliency, and cloud native development to provide modern solutions for your business challenges.


IBM LinuxONE 4 Data Sheet DOWNLOAD

-Delivers scale, agility, resiliency, performance, a security-rich environment, and a lower overall total cost of ownership (TCO).


Explore IBM LinuxONE with an expert


Tackle mainframe modernisation with IBM Z

An essential element of your hybrid cloud strategy, IBM zSystems is a family of modern z/Architecture hardware that runs z/OS, Linux, z/VSE, z/TPF, z/VM and zSystems software.

The IBM z16 is the latest iteration of IBM zSystems mainframes with on-chip AI inferencing and industry-first quantum-safe technologies.

IBM zSystems continues its leadership in data security with Quantumsafe security on the IBM z16, extending pervasive encryption, Fibre Channel Endpoint Security and other innovative advancements that make it the most securable computing platform in industry.

Choose from three IBM z16 configurations

Outsmart threats with a connected, modernised security suite

As cyberthreats escalate and attacks become more prevalent and costly, spending on cyber security has become a necessity in all market conditions.

IBM Security QRadar Suite is a modernised threat detection and response solution embedded with enterprise-grade AI and automation to dramatically increase analyst productivity, helping resource-strained security teams work more effectively across core technologies.


Unified analyst experience

An intuitive user interface empowers analysts to work more quickly and efficiently throughout their investigation and response process, with shared insights and automated actions across products.

Cloud delivery, speed, and scale

Delivered as a services on AWS, IBM Security QRadar Suote products allow for simplified deployment across cloud environments and integration with public cloud and SaaS log data.

Open platform and pre-built integrations

The suite brings together core technologies needed in today’s security operation centers, built on an open platform and wide partner ecosystem with more than 900 pre-built integrations for flexibility.

Get in touch for a tour of QRadar

Prepare, explore, and share data with IBM Cognos Analytics

IBM Cognos Analytics is a set of business tools available on cloud or on-premise. AI-powered automation and insights in Cognos Analytics enable everyone in your organization to unlock the full potential of your data through dashboard, professional reporting, and data exploration.

The natural language AI assistant is always available – describe the data you need and let Cognos Analytics build data visualisations for you.  Describe the question you are looking to answer, or hypothesis you want to test and let AI help you get the insights you need.

Why Cognos Analytics?

  • Automated data exploration
  • Insights straight to phone with the mobile app
  • Strong governance on self-service with robust security capabilities
  • Communication in plain language
  • Pixel perfect reports and a wide range of visualisations
  • Connection to Jupyter Notebooks
  • Predictive capabilities with built in AI

Delivering modern network solution to create a digital future

Logicalis is an award-winning Network Services provider, offering a full range of expert network services that deliver secure, modern, high-speed network solutions to support digital transformation.

With broad expertise and in-depth knowledge of specialist IT and networking solutions, Logicalis provides network services that can support the digital business outcomes of a modern organisation. From initial assessment to design and deployment, followed by ongoing monitoring, management, and support, we provide expert services across the full network lifecycle.

As a certified IBM Platinum Partner, Logicalis are working with our customers every day to transform organisations networks and enhance insights to improve operational efficiency - securely and confidently.

  • Campus Networks
  • Data Centre Networks
  • Wide Area Networks

DOWNLOAD our Specialist Network Services data sheet

Contact us today to explore our full range of Network Service offerings and resources


IT Services tailored to your requirements

From IT consultation and advisory services, design and implementation, to migration, optimisation, and managed support, Logicalis specialises in a range of robust services tailored to fit your specific requirements.

How can we help?

Logicalis Services and Consulting work alongside our customers every day to help them adapt, providing the resources to ensure these organisations benefit from modern solutions.

Contact us today to explore our full range of service offerings and resources.

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Logicalis, in partnership with IBM, are working alongside our customers every day to help them adapt, providing the resources to ensure these organisations benefit from modern solutions.

Contact us today to explore our full range of IBM solutions and services offerings and resources.