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Logicalis is an IBM Premier Speciality Elite Partner with over 20 years’ experience in delivering state-of-the-art enterprise solutions.

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Why Logicalis and IBM

IBM Premier Partner

Through our IBM partnership, Logicalis is uniquely positioned to provide not only applications, but also the configurations and solutions for our customers, creating a robust end-to-end engagement from design, to build, and through to implementation. Our breadth of experience ensures we deliver solutions that can leverage the full capability of IBM’s offerings, whether on-premise, hosted, or in the Cloud.

Flexible Enterprise Storage Management Solutions

Utilising the IBM Spectrum family of products, our Software Defined Storage capabilities and expertise provides our customers with flexible enterprise storage management solutions. Logicalis and IBM collaborate to innovate and increase the efficiency and speed of data storage, simplify the integration of storage management and data protection of applications.

Leading IBM Analytics Partner

As a leading IBM analytics partner, our Data & Information Insights team are primed, ready to deliver the full Cognos suite of financial performance management (FPM) and Business Intelligence technologies. Our dedicated team commit to the support of operations and management of information platforms.

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