Intelligent Security

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Intelligent Security from Logicalis delivers a proactive security framework that will detect, respond and prevent cyber attacks.

What is Intelligent Security?

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Challenges facing organisations

Of surveyed CIOs have encountered an organisation breach in the last 12 months.
Of CIOs are apprehensive about the challenge of regulating AI.
Of CIOs feel they are ready to handle another breach.

Why Intelligent Security?

We understand the delicate balance that comes with being a CIO.  Every decision you make is a choice between upside and risk.  Let us tip the scales in your favour with Intelligent Security that helps you make intelligent decisions with a blueprint for success.

Enhanced observability

As organisations integrate new technologies, the threat environment becomes increasingly complex. Factors like remote work, cloud data storage, and nation state actors introduce vulnerabilities across the entire fabric.

Intelligent Security provides enhanced visibility across your network, cloud infrastructure, and remote endpoints. By understanding your security posture, you can effectively prioritise improvements.

When you break down silos and view your environment as one cohesive blueprint, you create a unified defence strategy against evolving threats

SOC: Automation & human expertise

In the ever-changing threat landscape, cyber attacks have grown more sophisticated and occur swiftly, even beyond regular working hours. Swift identification and response are crucial for prevention and remediation. Intelligent Security takes a multifaceted approach.

Our Security Operations Centre (SOC), armed with enhanced visibility, seamlessly integrates cutting-edge automation and human expertise. This ensures rapid detection, analysis, and response across your data fabric.

AI ready

Intelligent Security from Logicalis bridges the gap between advanced technology and security threats. Organisations can harness AI’s potential while maintaining robust defences.

By implementing data governance and a strategic blueprint, they create an AI strategy that unlocks the power of their data. Logicalis ensures this alignment, allowing businesses to thrive securely.

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Re think security in the era of AI

The era of AI presents us with tremendous opportunities for growth and progress. However, it also demands that we rethink security and take proactive measures to
safeguard our workplace, connectivity, and cloud infrastructure.

With Logicalis working hand in hand or by your side, you are empowered to detect and respond to any threat. Stay hypervigilant in the face of new risks and begin every day with confidence.

What we can deliver


Where to start? We are here to help.

With the increase in data breaches, cyber threats, and regulatory compliance requirements, we all need to ensure our cybersecurity measures are current and effective. Working together we can help you navigate the complex threat landscape and put the right solutions in place for your organisation.

Secure Workplace

The growth in remote working has transformed the workplace security landscape in recent years. Working together we can help you exploit the opportunities and manage the risks.

Secure Connectivity

With the growth of IOT, 5G, and edge computing, robust secure networks are critical to every business. We’ll help you protect and connect by weaving security through your digital ecosystem.

Secure Hybrid Cloud

How well-architected are your cloud environments? Are you optimised to ensure your most sensitive information is secure? Our teams at Logicalis offer a range of services and solutions that will safeguard your critical data, applications, and IT resources in the cloud.

Secure Operations

Cyber threats are increasing daily, but many organisations still struggle to anticipate and detect imminent attacks. This is where our Secure Operations portfolio comes in, with improved visibility of all threats so we can neutralise them quickly and efficiently. The result? Your strongest possible security posture, 24/7/365.

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Our Intelligent Security Blueprint

The Logicalis Intelligent Security Blueprint offers comprehensive guidance for navigating today's complex security landscape.

By integrating security across your organisation's infrastructure, from network to data and identity, Logicalis ensures a cohesive and robust defence strategy. The blueprint covers essential pillars, including Advisory for GRC consultancy, Secure Workplace for safeguarding identity and devices, Secure Connectivity for protecting the network, Secure Hybrid Cloud for managing data across environments, and Secure Operations for SOC services.

With Logicalis as your strategic security partner, gain the tools and expertise needed to safeguard your organisation and strengthen your security posture so you can begin every day with confidence.

How we deliver Intelligent Security

We help you along the journey towards achieving Intelligent Security - with speed and efficiency.

1. Align

Initiating with one of our Intelligent Security assessments is the best way to start. We meticulously evaluate your existing environment, pinpoint potential security gaps and risks that may expose you to cyber threats.

Additionally, we provide specialised assessments tailored to specific areas, as well as training for your team on security topics like phishing.

2. Transform

Our Global/Local professional services teams offer a diverse array of solutions to enhance your organisation’s security posture.

These solutions encompass connectivity, hybrid cloud environments, device management, and more, all derived from the Intelligent Security blueprint.

3. Scale

Empower your IT team to concentrate on mission-critical initiatives by opting for Logicalis’ Managed Intelligent Security services.

Allow the Logicalis SOC team to vigilantly oversee your environment, swiftly identify and address threats, and proactively seek out vulnerabilities to stop attacks before they occur.

Quote from Ray Thorpe

“We generate about 170,000,000 events a month. There is no way our internal security team would be able to review that amount of data without partners and their threat intelligence to help identify potential threats".
Ray Thorpe Global CISO, ESW

Customer Success Stories

Fortifying Global Gaming Security: A Logicalis Intelligent Security success story

Logicalis has successfully transformed the security infrastructure of a global lifestyle brand for gamers by deploying advanced MXDR capabilities. This initiative significantly enhanced security efficiency, reduced operational costs and improved the customer's security posture and resilience.

The partnership underscores the value of innovative technologies and expert guidance in navigating cybersecurity threats, reaffirming Logicalis' position as a trusted security partner.

Find out more

Enhancing security posture: A strategic partnership with a leading aerospace manufacturing corporation.

Logicalis USA has partnered with a multinational corporation to execute a comprehensive Security Benchmark and Enablement Program, aimed at evaluating and enhancing secure data management practices across 55 operating companies, aligning with government and Department of Defense security requirements.

Global automotive manufacturer: A Logicalis Intelligent Security Success Story

Our comprehensive managed Secure Connectivity solution boosts network efficiency, safeguards security and elevates user experience for our global automotive manufacturing customer. All seamlessly optimised through our award winning Digital Fabric Platform.

Fortifying security posture and operational efficiency for a leading health and toxicology company

In partnership with Logicalis, an international health and toxicology company pursued a digital transformation to boost security and operational efficiency. Facing increased security challenges and staff turnover, the company sought a reliable IT security partner. Read more to chart their digital growth and resilience.

Book a meeting with one of our Intelligent Security specialists.

Together we can develop a security blueprint customised to your requirements, enabling you to secure and scale your business operations.

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Increased visibility through the Digital Fabric Platform

With Intelligent Security, we go beyond the traditional managed service. 

As a customer, access our award-winning Digital Fabric Platform (DFP), providing a real time view of your managed environment across key areas such as reliability, security, security and compliance, economics and user experience.
Your Security and Compliance score helps you quickly understand if people are protected against threats, data is secure, systems are up to date, under warranty and compliant.

Utilising the Digital Fabric Platform allows you to quickly cut through all the noise, see the health of your environment and future proof your business.
The DFP also utilises AI and benchmarking to provide advanced reporting and recommendations that can help further improve your security posture.


Take a look at our Security and Compliance demo here.

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