Print as a Service

You’re in the midst of a content explosion. Companies have more paper and digital files than they know what to do with.

Organisations are turning to Managed Print Solutions to help reduce costs, complexity and ongoing management.

Managed print solutions

When it comes to printing management, most companies typically include these requirements: cost savings; sustainability—both, environmentally and fiscally; printing from mobile devices; security, governance and compliance. To address these needs companies have begun implementing true Managed Print Solutions which are designed to reduce costs, complexity and ongoing management.

How we can help

As for most businesses, printing when it’s needed is critical. Ensuring that printing resources are available whilst ensuring that costs and complexity are kept under control is a familiar challenge. 

In order to meet this challenge we offer Print as a Service. This looks to help you meet your key requirements ensuring that costs and complexity are kept under control. 

To help you get there. We’ll conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your print environment.

This will give you an accurate baseline of your current print spending. Working together we’ll develop a roadmap for your ideal future state, including cost savings projections. We’ll ensure that your print devices connect to your IT environment in a secure and compliant way and if required provide solutions to enable secure printing from mobile devices. 

Focus on your core line of business while we manage the day-to-day operations of your print and document infrastructure. Through ongoing data collection, review and analysis, we’ll help you continue to improve productivity and the end user experience. 

We know that one size doesn’t fit all and our print services are designed to help businesses of all sizes, at any point of their print lifecycle, from installation through to consumable supply, print management and support.

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Our Services

Quality Printing

We can supply and then manage the latest multi-function printers to cover your printing, scanning and copying requirements.


As part of our print as a service we can supply consumables from local stock to ensure your business doesn't need to wait for supply.


The Logicalis Office Stationery and Printer Consumables Team are responsible for all the little things that make your business run efficiently - paper, pens, inks etc. We specialise in supplying cartridges for all models of laser, ink jet and photocopiers and have direct access to the UK’s largest stockists of consumables and stationery supplies.

As Xerox Premier Concessionaire for the Channel Islands, our Supplies Team exclusively offer Xerox branded products. One of those products is the highly acclaimed Xerox alternative cartridges for HP printers. These consumables meet all the same high standards as the HP cartridges they replace, but retail for much less cost and have an extremely soft environmental footprint! our Xerox supplies are assured of quality and performance and of course come with the Xerox Total Satisfaction Guarantee!

Whatever your Stationery needs, whether it’s Cartridges to Crayons – Pens to Paper. Our team is always at hand to offer advice on what products are best suited to your needs and how to achieve the best purchasing at the right price!

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Managed services solutions

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Stay ahead of change with a foundation built for agility.

Employee Collaboration

Build a collaborative workplace for the future.

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Enhance business agility with Security in your DNA.

Intelligent Connectivity

A smarter way to support your cloud journey.

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