Secure OnMesh

Enhance business agility by weaving security into your DNA

Weave real-time security telemetry and response into every element of your digital fabric, so you have the confidence to focus on driving greater agility, innovation, and growth.

Our Secure OnMesh Solution

Security is one of the biggest challenges many organisations face today.

  • 95% of Cybersecurity breaches are caused by Human error (Cybint 2020)
  • 88% of organisations worldwide experience spear phishing attempts in 2019 (Proofpoint, State of Phish 2020)
  • 68% of business leaders feel their cyber security risks are increasing (Accenture 2019)
  • 207 – The average number of days it took to identify a breach in 2020 (IBM 2020)

To compete in the modern marketplace, businesses must be able to adapt to opportunities in real-time. Explore our Secure OnMesh Solution today and begin to drive greater agility, innovation, and growth for your business.

What’s going on in the market?

of executives say that cybersecurity concerns impede innovation at their organisation.
of organisations now recognise security as a business enabler rather than a business blocker.
of organisations are not embedding security at the start of business initiatives.

What is Secure OnMesh?

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An integrated solution embedded in your business

Logicalis SOC +15 years

A cyber response team on hand 24/7 to provide support in real time utilising UEBA as resource for triage and threat hunting.

Logicalis security services

Security experts who offer Secure OnMesh solutions with additional services including Cloud security assessment, vulnerability assessment, pen testing, user awareness training and testing.

Microsoft Sentinel

A scalable, cloud-native platform that delivers threat intelligence across your entire cloud/on-prem estate globally.

Cisco SecureX

Security orchestration across endpoints, cloud, network, and applications both on-prem and cloud data sources.

Ready to grow with confidence?

Our security assessment takes less than two weeks, providing accurate costs and time frames to help you reach your security goals.

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Security Specialists

Leading partner in the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program

Logicalis are a leading partner in the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program and globally differentiated as an Azure Expert MSP.

Microsoft Advanced Specialisms

• Threat Protection
• Identify & access management
• Cloud Security
• Azure Expert MSP

Azure early access

Logicalis are at the forefront of testing and implementing Microsoft Sentinel from infancy.

15+ years SOC Environment

In a resource constrained industry, Logicalis have been able to recruit and retain the brightest minds over our 15+ year SOC.

Our lifecycle services approach

Our solutions are designed to take you on a journey using a tried, tested and repeatable framework. Starting with an assessment through to managed services that help you to continually optimise at scale.


Business service scoping and operational cost estimate for Secure OnMesh deployment to your Digital Fabric.

- Secure OnMesh Assessment


Guided proof of value focusing on critical business services.

- Secure OnMesh Proof of Value


Continuous 24/7 services detect and respond security operations.

- Managed Secure OnMesh

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