Sustainable IT

Having sustainable IT operations is no longer just about your reputation as an organisation. It’s about being a responsible business, your bottom line, attracting new talent and the opportunity to innovate.

Why sustainable IT takes centre stage

of CIOs will have performance metrics tied to sustainability of the IT organisation by 2025, expects Gartner.
of CIOs said progress in sustainability is hindered by lack of in-house skills
of ESG services engagements will require a managed services component to address the intense data needs of sustainable transformation reporting by 2025.

Winner of the inaugural Global Sustainability Partner of the Year 2023

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Driving sustainable IT solutions for a better future

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Organisations like Logicalis are in a privileged position to address climate change and help make the world a better place.
We recognise the positive impact we can have and our potential can't be understated: we're working hard to make radical, proactive changes that improve our environmental performance and benefit not just us and those in our orbit, but the planet as a whole.

Bob Bailkoski, CEO 

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A commitment to sustainability: Cisco and Logicalis leading the charge together

Cisco and Logicalis have partnered for over two decades, consistently delivering value to our mutual customers through a focus on innovation and service, combining Cisco world-class hardware and software offerings with Logicalis’ market-leading menu of value-added services.

Cisco sustainability blog

Video: Your corporate sustainability blueprint for 2023

Watch this 30-minute executive panel discussion with Nick Holden, Bob Bailkoski, and Denise Lee, where they discuss sustainable business practices and how organizations like yours can take practical steps to reduce emissions and improve energy efficiency.

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Do managed service providers hold the answers to a sustainable future in IT?

With sustainability top of mind for everyone, organisations are demanding transparency and clarity from suppliers and partners around ESG goals today. It’s clear that businesses expect the organisations they engage with to do more to offset their environmental impact.

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Confessions of a CEO: In a climate conscious world, does the train beat the plane?

More and more climate conscious travellers are opting to take the train instead of flying. With this in mind, and a business meeting coming up in Cologne, Bob Bailkoski decided to take the 580km trip by train.

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Sustainability is non-negotiable

The future of the planet is uncertain, but more efforts are being made across the channel to ensure the IT industry is taking positive steps to improve the situation

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The role of technology in achieving sustainability goals

Technology has undoubtedly revolutionised the world, yet, technology and sustainable approaches are not mutually exclusive. While technology must be made more sustainable, the way we use technology may be the key to acting more sustainably.

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White paper: The evolving role of IT in enabling sustainable transformation. Discover the market trends and adoption strategies around sustainability and IT.

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Helping our customers succeed

National Oceanography Centre (NOC)

The National Oceanography Centre needed to refurbish 2 climate vessels with an up-to-date, high speed, and secure network and IT infrastructure. Despite a complex set of obstacles read how the Logicalis, team in collaboration with Cisco delivered a robust and secure solution.


G.James needed to modernise its aging switching infrastructure whilst partnering with an organisation that aligns with their ESR goals and objectives.

Galp Energia

Galp Energia is a multinational energy corporation with 6,300 employees operating approximately 1,500 service stations. When they needed to digitally transform the entire group they turned to Logicalis and our partner Cisco, to handle the implementation of the SD-WAN and wireless connectivity solution.

Track your sustainability score with the Digital Fabric Platform


See how the Digital Fabric platform can help reduce your carbon footprint with an approach that allows you to digitalise and dematerialise your core ​IT solutions.

Harness our environment data to gain recommendations on your sustainability initiatives and how you compare to other similar organisations. 


Logicalis Environmental Statement

At Logicalis, we want to make the world a better place, and our role as a global technology service provider provides both an opportunity and a responsibility to take the lead in contributing solutions for a sustainable future.

Read about our sustainability pledges, reporting commitments, policies and more in our Environmental Statement.

Read our Environmental Statement

Logicalis CIO Summit: Forging a path to sustainable IT

Our annual CIO Summit brings together senior IT leaders worldwide to address the industry's most significant sustainability issues.  

This year's summit, themed Forging a Digital Path to Sustainable IT, gave CIOs insight and inspiration from experts driving sustainable innovation in their industry. The event highlighted the vital role of IT as an enabler for sustainable transformation and the importance of CIOs actively getting behind business-wide sustainability goals. 

Browse through these selected videos featuring speakers from IDC and Cisco and CTO panelists from Pestana Group, Sinar Mas Land, UKRI and Yamaha Motors.

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Deconstructing sustainability: The customer transition to green IT

Watch Bjoern Stengel - Global Sustainability Research Lead, IDC - deliver his keynote presentation and share his perspective on IT’s critical role in enabling organisations’ sustainable transformation journeys.

The decisive decade for climate action

Logicalis's Charissa Jaganath hosts this fireside chat with guests Denise Lee, VP Sustainability Engineering Office, Cisco and Bjoern Stengel, Global Sustainability research Lead, IDC.

The CIO's role in driving sustainability

A panel discussion which asks the guests what technologies they're implementing to optimise their operations towards carbon reduction while maintaining business focus?

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