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Rapidly reduce threat exposure with Logicalis Managed Defender for Endpoint

Learn how to get the most value out of your EDR solution

Tuesday 21st February | 10:00am UTC

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Combining automation with human-led SOC Operations can rapidly reduce your threat exposure by shutting down kill chains before they become a real problem.


Logicalis, in partnership with Microsoft invite you to join us for a 60-minute webinar on the 21st of February at 10am (UTC) which will look at the common challenges that customers face when looking to move towards an EDR solution, what they are trying to achieve in doing so and how we can help deliver the best value out of that platform.


The agenda for this 60-minute webinar includes:


  • Why traditional Antivirus is no longer effective
  • Introduction to Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
  • Why Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and how Logicalis’ Defender for Endpoint Managed Service works
  • Common challenges we see our customers face and how we best solve the problems in their current environment.
  • Journey of a Logicalis Proof of Value and how to access a funded Proof of Value
  • 15-minute Q&A and wrap up


Put the 21st of February in your calendar now and meet the demands of the ever evolving threat landscape.

Navigate an ever-evolving market and turn uncertainty into success. 
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