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Ensuring network performance and availability to support the modern digital enterprise

Logicalis is an award-winning Network Services provider, offering a full range of expert network services that deliver secure, modern, high-speed network solutions to support digital transformation.

Organisations of all types are embracing a digital transformation strategy and they share a theme: drive greater customer satisfaction, transform business models, and empower workforce innovation. Yet businesses are struggling to provide the best experiences they possibly can because network complexity is holding them back.

Delivering Network Assurance with Logicalis

Backed by a team of experts and working with some of the World’s leading technology providers, Logicalis brings together networking services and technology capabilities to deliver the key attributes of an open network, that predicts, adapts, and protects your business.


Deliver greater operational efficiency and make your bandwidth work for you by deploying software-defined networking - without compromising the application experience. The benefit is ongoing innovation, updates, and upgrades.


Embed security capabilities into the very fabric of the network, allowing it to be inherently secure “by design”.


Understand who, what, when, where, and how network traffic is flowing. Embed analytical capabilities and use the insights they provide to improve the performance of business-critical applications and accelerate problem resolution.

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The future of connectivity

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Success Story

StarHealth Case Study: Transforming how healthcare is delivered

StarHealth is a provider of primary care services in Victoria, Australia. To provide health and wellbeing for all, when and where needed instead of onsite from their healthcare centres, Logicalis deployed a Intelligent Connectivity solution. This enables them to focus on running the business and responding quickly to the needs of the patients.

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