ACI Data Centre (Application Centric Infrastructure)

Deploy scalable, agile, and secure data centre networks.

By embracing ACI as part of your IT strategy, organisations can unlock numerous benefits in terms of efficiency, scalability, and security within their network operations.

This modern managed networking solution empowers organisations to construct scalable, agile, and secure data centre networks.

Why choose Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI)?

Simplified Network Management

Network administrators can centrally and comprehensively manage the network, thereby reducing the time required for network management and minimising the potential for human error.

Enhanced Security

ACI improves security by allowing administrators to enforce security policies consistently across the entire network, making it easier to detect and respond to security threats.

Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Integration

ACI enables seamless integration with public cloud providers, allowing businesses to extend their network policies and security controls to multi-cloud environments. This consistency ensures a uniform experience across cloud deployments.

Scalability and Performance

ACI's scalable design caters to data centres of varying sizes, from small deployments to large enterprise environments. Delivering optimal performance for modern applications and workloads.

Application Agility and Flexibility

ACI is designed to support the dynamic nature of modern applications. It enables rapid application deployment and scaling, allowing businesses to respond quickly to changing business demands.

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ACI Components

ACI is made up of key components that work together to provide its functionality, enabling administrators to easily manage and control their network infrastructure.

  • The Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) acts as a centralized management and policy controller for your entire IT infrastructure.
  • Spine switches establish fast connectivity between leaf switches, which are responsible for connecting servers and endpoints to the ACI fabric.
  • Application Network Profiles (ANPs) contain network connectivity, security policies, and quality of service (QoS) settings for specific applications or groups.
  • Endpoints include physical or virtual servers, virtual machines, or devices connected to the ACI fabric.

ACI use cases

Logicalis ACI offers a range of business use cases that cater to the diverse needs of modern data centres and networking environments.

Financial services

ACI can provide low-latency, high-performance networking for financial trading platforms, ensuring quick order execution and reducing the risk of network-related delays


ACI helps healthcare organisations protect patient data with strong network segmentation and access controls.


ACI can be utilised to secure Industrial IoT devices and automation systems within manufacturing environments.

ACI use cases

Energy and Utilities

ACI facilitates secure communication and data exchange within smart grid infrastructures. It supports energy management applications, helping utilities optimise energy distribution and consumption.

Transport and Logistics

ACI enables real-time monitoring and management of transportation fleets. It provides secure communication for vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) interactions.

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