Secure and protect your data and resources

The Logicalis SD-Access solution, a component of the Intelligent Connectivity suite, offers a managed service that ensures zero-trust security within your workplace.

This comprehensive solution guarantees secure access for all users, devices, and locations across your applications and digital environment. Creating a resilient network that provides enhanced security measures to safeguard your organisation's people, data and resources.

Why SD-Access?

Through its comprehensive suite of features and capabilities, SD-Access provides organisations with robust security measures that adapt to evolving threats in real-time without sacrificing user experience or operational efficiency.

Advanced analytics powered by AI and machine learning

SD-Access leverages advanced analytics powered by AI and machine learning to identify, profile, and categorise endpoints. By analysing traffic patterns between groups, it establishes access policies that are effective in segmenting the network, ensuring a zero-trust security model.

Continuously monitoring endpoint behavior

SD-Access scrutinises how devices interact with the network, scans for vulnerabilities, and verifies their trustworthiness before granting access privileges. This proactive approach enhances overall security by quickly identifying potential threats.

Super quick response

In the event of a threat or breach attempt, SD-Access swiftly contains the issue to minimise its impact on the network infrastructure and prevent data breaches.

We are Cisco powered across all of the Intelligent Connectivity solutions, check out our specialisations, awards and partnership with Cisco.

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SD-Access Components

Centralised control system

SD-Access simplifies networking with a central control system called Cisco DNA Center. It manages network elements, reducing complexity and errors. Key features are centralised management, configuration automation, and advanced analytics.

Policy enforcement

Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE), authenticates and authorises endpoints based on security policies. It grants network access according to roles or functions, configuring network devices as endpoints connect.

Network Fabric

The network fabric uses virtual overlays for mobility, segmentation, and programmability. It also provides intelligent services for application recognition, traffic analytics, prioritisation, and performance.

Programmable infrastructure

SD-Access simplifies networking with a central control system called Cisco DNA Center. It manages network elements, reducing complexity and errors. Key features are centralised management, configuration automation, and advanced analytics.

SD-Access use cases

Security and segmentation

· Reduce the time it takes to setup a secure segment.
· Reduce the time taken to move endpoints and users.

IoT integration

· Reduce time to deploy IOT infrastructure.
· Reduce the complexity of multiple, independent networks.
· Reduce troubleshooting OPEX through convergence.

Branch integration

· Faster deployment timelines.
· Reduction of errors and remediation times.
· Fewer manual processes, giving time back to IT.

SD-Access use cases

User mobility

· Faster consistent and replicable blueprints for wired and wireless sites.
· Reduced time to replicate and troubleshoot wireless issues.
· Reduction in on site visits by solving remotely.

Guest access

· Reduce the time to setup new guest services.
· Reduce policy errors and violations.
· Reduce exposure from bad actors within the network.

Monitoring and troubleshooting

· Reduce the number of support tickets.
· Reduce the time taken to resolve the support issue.
· Reduce troubleshooting time and number of tools used.

Customer Success Story

Building a Future-Ready IT Infrastructure

Logicalis delivers a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure to a prominent clinical diagnosis company, ensuring they have a secure, scalable, and future-proofed intelligent network to support their growing operations.

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