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The Logicalis SD-WAN solution is our managed offering that helps you simplify your IT infrastructure and enjoy secure connectivity from anywhere.

What makes SD-WAN an ideal choice?

Efficiently manage and optimise wide area networks

Irrespective of whether you have a single site or a global network spanning thousands of locations, our SD-WAN solution offers centralised visibility into the health of your WAN.

It also provides you with the ability to control application usage both within and outside your networked sites.

Prioritise critical business traffic

SD-WAN empowers you to direct and prioritise traffic across your network.

It enables your network to instantly prioritise critical applications, intelligently adapting to changing performance conditions.

A scalable model with predictable outcomes

When it comes to setting up new sites, SD-WAN eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming setup efforts.

By leveraging multiple uplinks, it offers instant connectivity for remote sites, headquarter moves, or remote workers.

Enhanced application performance and user experience

With real-time monitoring and analytics capabilities, SD-WAN ensures predictable application performance while significantly improving the overall user experience.

Intelligent Connectivity is Cisco powered, check out our specialisations, awards and partnership with Cisco.

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SD-WAN Components

SD-WAN is made up of several components that work together to provide efficient and flexible network connectivity. These components include:

  • The data plane assumes the responsibility of forwarding network traffic and establishing tunnels between various locations.
  • The control plane oversees the overall behaviour of the network, encompassing routing and security policies.
  • The management plane manages network configuration and administration by gathering information about the network while also generating alerts for potential events.
  • The SD-WAN edge serves as a bridge connecting an enterprise's internal network with external networks. It acts as a portal for incoming traffic.
  • The controller coordinates and manages all these components to ensure their seamless integration into one cohesive system.

SD-WAN use cases

Supporting the hybrid workplace

Facilitate a seamless transition to a hybrid workplace by leveraging SD-WAN. This technology allows for the extension of optimal enterprise WAN and consistent application experience to branch offices and remote locations, whenever and wherever needed.

Streamlining onboarding for new services

Simplify and automate the deployment of new services through centralized management and network control. With SD-WAN, businesses can enjoy an accelerated onboarding process for their latest offerings.

Enabling multi-cloud strategy

For companies considering multi-cloud adoption, SD-WAN offers flexible, secure, and automated connectivity to any cloud environment with middle-mile networks. Leverage this technology to seamlessly integrate your business across multiple cloud platforms.

Driving company growth

SD-WAN provides an effortless way to expand your network across various countries or territories while ensuring security measures are in place. Additionally, it offers enhanced visibility into user performance. Embrace SD-WAN as a means to support your business growth ambitions effectively.

Customer Success Story

Enhancing Network Efficiency for a Global Automotive Manufacturer

Our comprehensive managed Intelligent Connectivity solution boosts network efficiency, safeguards security, and elevates user experience for our global automotive manufacturing customer. All seamlessly optimised through our award winning Digital Managed Fabric Platform.

Scalable digital managed services solution for global energy company

Logicalis delivers a scalable, managed Intelligent Connectivity solution for our customer in the global energy industry. The solution meets customer aspirations for growth whilst creating new opportunities in the modern workplace.

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