Cloud Optimisation

Ensure your cloud objectives align with business goals, drive operational excellence and champion sustainability, whilst safeguarding against security threats.

Cloud optimisation challenges

Is the current average Azure Secure score as a result of emergency “lift and shifts”.
Is the average wastage in cloud spending resulting in spiralling costs and inefficiencies.
of organisations have AI- ready data.

What is Cloud optimisation?

Cloud optimisation is an assessment led process that ensures your cloud environment is efficient, cost-effective, and future-ready. At Logicalis we look it at from a couple of angles, Is your cloud secure? and are you optimised from a spend perspective?

• 85% of companies are not ready for Cyber Attack

• Typically, we see Azure Scores of >50% some organisations are as low as 35%

• The Logicalis SLA for Managed Security customers is 80% minimum

• Typically, we see at least 20% wasted spend

• Over the past 12 months we have helped organisations save from $100k per annum up to $2m in annual ACR savings

Take your first step towards optimisation

Our well architected cloud Assessment can help you quickly understand your security posture and potential cost savings. A recent customer identified 26% savings per annum.   

Benefits of Cloud optimisation

Ensure your cloud objectives align with business goals, drive operational excellence and champion sustainability, whilst safeguarding against security threats.

IT Budget Optimisation

Identification of over provisioned or underutilised resources

Scalability and future proofing

Recommendations for scalable architecture and services

Increased security awareness

Discovery of security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations

Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring that the cloud setup adheres to industry specific regulation avoiding hefty fines, legal issues and reputational damage

Oversight and validation

An independent assessment offers an unbiased view of the current cloud architecture

Featured insights

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Choosing the right MSSP

Top 5 credentials to look for when selecting a Microsoft Managed Security Services provider (MSSP)

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Jersey Electricity scale and modernise security with a managed service from Logicalis

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How CIO’s can secure and optimise Cloud with Logicalis

In 2023 Microsoft Azure grew its market share by 24%, twice the rate of its nearest rival AWS. The growth in complexity and market share is creating a worldwide shortage of people with the skills to optimise it. Logicalis can identify and relieve the pressure points and help you to obtain that peace of mind.

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Why Logicalis?

Technically Led Team

All Cloud team members are technically led architects with a balance of business and technical expertise.

Global Reach

With 30 locations around the world, we can scale globally whilst ensuring centralised management and execution.

Leading Microsoft Partner

We are an award-winning Microsoft partner holding 13 advanced specialisations and the Azure MSP certification.

Proven Roadmap

We can provide a roadmap to success, starting with introductory assessments to funded workshops. We build the foundation for an optimised cloud deployment.

Long-term customer relationships

We build long term strategic engagements with our customers to ensure they can deliver on business outcomes.

Free up your IT team

Through cost optimisation, we can provide cost-neutral managed services to free up your IT team to work on innovative projects.