How CIOs can secure and optimise Cloud with Logicalis

United Kingdom, Dec 14, 2023

In 2023 Microsoft Azure grew its market share by 24%, twice the rate of its nearest rival AWS. The success is built on the growing number of services it offers and its burgeoning AI capabilities. But this success is creating problems for senior IT leaders. The growth in complexity and market share is creating a worldwide shortage of people with the skills to optimise it. This can have limiting effects across a whole business, which in turn increases the pressure and feeling of unease for CIOs. 

For instance, have you got a nagging feeling that your Azure cloud infrastructure isn’t as secure as you hope and that its increasing size and diversity is leading to more exposed edges? Or do you suspect that Azure isn’t as cost-effective as it could be, and that project creep and the appetite for AI means resources aren’t consolidated efficiently? Talking of AI, you are probably under a lot of pressure to demonstrate how innovative your team can be. But are your most talented people spending too much time managing the complexities of your cloud infrastructure, and don’t have the headspace to fully exploit AI’s potential?

Luckily for you, Logicalis can identify and relieve the pressure points and help you to obtain that peace of mind. Our Azure Well Architected Cloud Optimisation Review and Secure Azure Managed Service will sort out your security, streamline your costs, and free up your best people to work on your strategic priorities. 


Security comes first


Often our initial engagement with clients is security-led. Companies go to Microsoft with security concerns and as one of their leading global security experts, we are asked to do a comprehensive assessment of their whole cloud infrastructure. This includes infrastructure outside Azure, which can be particularly problematic for companies that grow by acquisition, adopting diverse legacy systems along the way. The global average Azure security score is 67%, but we have found smaller remote divisions of larger companies with scores as low as 35%. 

After the assessment, we will immediately raise your security score to an industry-leading 80%, so you can rest assured you’re not at risk of huge financial and reputational damage from security breaches.


Save your energy


The other immediate benefit of our Azure Well Architected Cloud Optimisation Review is the saving of over 25% of your annual Azure cloud costs (ACR). Our current average saving is 28% and applies to all sizes of companies. For instance, we recently assessed a UK legal company with a £40K a month ACR and identified 26% savings, which amounts to £360K over three years. For a large UK retailer with a £150K a month ACR, we identified nearly £ 1 million in savings over three years. Finally, we identified a 37% saving for a large service group in Ireland which spent €410K a month ACR.

If cost is one of your biggest concerns, and you would be the exception if it wasn’t, we will create immediate savings to relieve that burden. Using fewer cloud resources will also improve sustainability which is another crucial KPI for most CIOs these days. 


Liberate to innovate with Managed Services


After these initial assessments, you have the option to partner with Logicalis and use our Secure Azure Managed Service. This will not only maintain your security, but the ongoing savings in ACR can make the service cost neutral. The other huge advantage is that it will free up your best people to work on that other crucial KPI: Innovation

A key component of the managed service is making sure your data is AI-ready. Only 31% of companies have overcome the challenges of data siloes, data privacy, and data ethics, and can exploit the full potential of AI across their whole organisation. Our managed service will liberate your team to innovate and use AI to enhance the mission-critical aspects of your business. 


If you need to eradicate security concerns and lower costs in the short-term, our Azure Well Architected Cloud Optimisation Review will immediately reduce your annual Azure costs by 25% and raise your Azure Secure Score to over 80%. 

You may, however, be ready to partner with Logicalis long-term and use our Secure Azure Managed Service to optimise how your team operates, so your best people can focus on the innovation that will sustain you into the future. 

Whatever path you choose towards cloud contentment, Logicalis is a proven and trusted service provider for all sizes of companies and one of Microsoft’s most certified Azure partners.  Start your journey with an assessment today.

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