Introducing our Managed Digital Fabric Platform

United Kingdom, Apr 6, 2023

When I talk to my peers across the industry, many CIOs face budget constraints, making it essential to do more with less. They are also being asked to help the business realise new revenue streams with technology and looking to accelerate their digital transformation plans. But with complex layers of digital infrastructure, how can they see the bigger picture and take the right action? Our Logicalis CIO study of 1,000 global CIOs found that 75% need help to unlock their data to drive successful transformation.   

A managed services customer recently told us,

'I'm time-poor, resource-poor, and struggling to retain my best talent. I don't have the time or resources to focus on this.' 

To respond to this need to support our customers to cut through the noise and focus on critical activities that matter, such as optimising resources and reducing costs, in 2022, we developed the Managed Digital Fabric platform

Based on machine learning and AI, The Managed Digital Fabric Platform provides our managed services customers with a real-time view of their digital infrastructure across cloud, security, workplace, and connectivity using five critical performance metrics: 

  • Availability: we have more insight than ever with modern managed solutions, which lets us define more relevant measurements of availability and service level agreements (SLAs) than previously. To determine overall availability, we can interrogate our customer's environment to understand the uptime and availability of the end-to-end managed solution.  
  • User experience: most businesses today understand how critical the user experience is to the success of digital adoption. We can review digital performance and daily user experience to identify how this can be enhanced for ongoing success. We can empower customers to address potential issues before they can impact business and help change the nature of customer conversations. 
  • Security: the threat landscape is evolving rapidly, with the frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks constantly increasing. By leveraging software-defined, underlying automation capabilities, we will measure ongoing security compliance in real time to reduce threat dwell times and fix issues faster.  
  • Environmental impact: environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns are increasingly important to our customers. To help our customers continue to meet their ESG goals, we've built ways to measure a solution's energy usage and carbon impact into the digital fabric itself, providing comprehensive recommendations to reduce its impact on a customer's business. 
  • Economics: We understand the importance of maximising value from existing technology investments. This score helps us understand if customers are getting maximum value from existing technology platforms and determine how to get the most from investments. By reviewing use statistics, we provide recommendations to increase return on investment from an economic perspective regarding technology, including the potential to resize, relicense, or uplift a fleet. 

Taking this approach enables our customers to access real-time results, benchmark their business capabilities against industry averages, and receive actionable insights across the performance of their digital ecosystem.    

Better serving our customers through innovation

We could be expected to say the true innovation lies within our platform and its digital infrastructure technology, AI, machine learning, advanced analytics, and how the data is captured, processed, analysed, and visualised for our customers. This is true to a certain extent; enormous global in-house technical and creative genius has enabled this solution. 

But for us at Logicalis, as architects of change – and what we're hearing from our customers, the real innovation is in what we're enabling and keeping pace with their requirements, particularly in such volatile times. 

Rather than defaulting to uncovering and solving problems by developing lengthy, sometimes multiyear road maps and sharing hundreds of data points, we're empowering our customers by delivering real-time visibility and actionable insights across their digital ecosystem. And this provides us with a powerful unique selling point in such a highly competitive industry.

A recent example can be taken from one of our Global Managed Services customers – when looking at their Managed Digital Fabric score, we could recommend the move to a new reserved instance pricing model saving them over $23,000 per month. And their environmental score uncovered their daily cumulative CO2 emissions were equivalent to running over 32,000 smartphones; we're now working with them to deliver carbon reduction initiatives across their IT infrastructure. 

Showcasing the power of global collaboration 

This project was an international effort, bringing together over 100 of our best and brightest talent. Running fortnightly sprints over five months, the team successfully developed and piloted the solution with five global customers. 

October 2022 was our launch and first release; the Digital Fabric Platform service is a complimentary upgrade to our global managed services customers (Production Ready CloudSecure OnMeshDigital Workplace and Intelligent Connectivity)  We're continuing our development sprints to evolve and innovate to add more value, insights, and recommendations across the five metrics. 

So, when talking to our customers, we now have a powerful, innovative proposition that will deliver sustainable business outcomes across their digital infrastructure and genuinely differentiate our managed services offering. We're tremendously proud of this!

Are you ready to achieve sustainable success with Logicalis?

Let Logicalis be your partner. Our team of experts will help you build a custom blueprint for success and deliver outcomes that matter. Contact us now to learn more.

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