Choosing the right MSSP -Top 5 credentials to look for when selecting a Microsoft Managed Security Services provider (MSSP)

Australia, Oct 24, 2023

Anita Swann, Group Alliance Director, Logicalis

In an increasingly interconnected world, the frequency and complexity of cybersecurity threats are rising. 

Our recent CIO survey shows over half of respondents plan to increase their risk management investment. They also consider malware and ransomware significant risks that their organisations will face in the coming year.

But what should an organisation look for in choosing the right MSSP?

Here are a handful of credentials that every great MSSP should have in their arsenal:

Advanced security specialisations

Advanced security specialisations are a testament to an MSSP's deep expertise in specific areas of cybersecurity. These specialisations are awarded to MSSPs who have demonstrated proficiency in implementing and managing advanced security solutions in Cloud Security, Threat Protection, Identity and Access Management, and Information Protection and Governance.

In addition, MSSPs with this level of specialisation will have access to the latest Microsoft security tools, software, and resources, ensuring that its customers benefit from the most up-to-date security solutions. 

Membership of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) 

The Microsoft MISA community is an exclusive network of leading cybersecurity experts collaborating to deliver integrated solutions that enhance security. MSSPs with MISA membership gain access to valuable insights, threat intelligence, and early exposure to Microsoft's cutting-edge security technologies. This affiliation empowers them to stay ahead in the ever-evolving security landscape and continually adapt offerings to counter emerging threats for clients. 

Managed MXDR (Managed Extended Detection and Response) solution status

The Microsoft Verified XDR (Extended Detection and Response) Solution Status is a certification programme that acknowledges MSSPs who have proven their capability to deliver effective XDR solutions seamlessly integrating with Microsoft's security services. This certification requires thorough testing and validation to guarantee that MSSPs possess the expertise necessary to offer customers heightened security against sophisticated threats.

Taking data analytics to a new level of sophistication

A leading Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) sets itself apart by not only investing in data analytics to gain a deep understanding of your organisation's security landscape but also by translating these insights into practical recommendations. By leveraging advanced technologies like AI and machine learning, an MSSP can analyse your security data and offer tailored advice to address vulnerabilities and improve the overall security of your entire IT infrastructure.

Outstanding track record in managed security services

Choosing an MSSP with a proven background in managed security services and a history of safeguarding customers is crucial. Experience allows for better identification and mitigation of vulnerabilities and understanding current and future risks. Selecting an MSSP with a strong track record in managed security services means investing in their wealth of experience in protecting against cyber threats.

At Logicalis we help our customers develop and maintain a cyber readiness culture by weaving security through their digital ecosystem, protecting their businesses against the constantly changing threat landscape.

As an Azure expert managed service provider, global MSSP and member of the elite MISA security community, we hold five solution designations across Security, Azure, Data and AI, Digital and App innovation, and Modern Workplace to help our clients unlock their true potential using Microsoft products and solutions, delivering sustainable business outcomes that matter. 

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