Ensure critical performance and reduce network complexity with Logicalis Network Managed Services

United Kingdom, May 2, 2023

Article by Rob Price, Business Unit Director, Networking & Connectivity BU

At a time when customers are increasingly looking to move from capital expenditure (CapEx) to operational expenditure (OpEx) many areas of IT have seen dramatic changes. The advent of cloud-based services from IaaS to full SaaS is one example of customers moving to a “pay as you go” model.

Of course, some IT technologies can’t simply be taken off site. If a customer has offices, warehouses, retail outlets, or indeed any other physical locations, then it is highly likely that these will need to be networked. However, even with assets that need to remain “on-prem” there is no reason why the management of these assets can’t be delivered as a set of services.

Here at Logicalis we are fully committed to providing world class networking solutions to our customers with a suite of expert service offerings that enable customers to scale their network with better predictability and cost-effectiveness.


Data and intelligence to help manage, maintain, and support your network infrastructure.

We start with our “Insights” service. Insights allows us to establish exactly what network infrastructure the customer currently has. It is quite surprising how often customers don’t have a full understanding of their environments. What hardware platforms do they have? What software releases are they running? Do they have any current security vulnerabilities? What percentage of their installed base is approaching an EoX (End of Sale, End of Support, End of Life, etc.) milestone? Via access to historical sales data, or through advanced discovery tools such as the Cisco SmartCollector, we can give the customer a detailed “as-is” view of their network.


A range of robust, secure networking support services.

Once we’ve established an accurate view of the customers’ environment, we can offer a range of enhanced support services labelled “ServicePlus”.  ServicePlus supplements standard break-fix support with additional services including, managed and self-monitoring, infrastructure healthcare, asset lifecycle management, vulnerability reporting, configuration analysis / backup, and software update / patch management. It is important to note that with ServicePlus, the customer retains both ownership and primary operation of the asset. For some customers this ability to offload some of the day-to-day operational tasks allowing them to focus their resources on IT driven business outcomes is all that they require. For others, ServicePlus is a way to “get their feet wet” with a set of managed services, without the need to commit to a full managed service straight away.


From the datacentre through to network endpoints.

As stated above, ServicePlus delivers a suite of capabilities, but primary operation of the network remains with the customer. The next stage beyond this is to deliver the network as a full managed service. Logicalis can take full responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the customers’ network whilst allowing the customer to retain ownership of the asset. Our network managed service offerings cover all the following: routers, campus switching, wireless access & mobility, Software Defined Networking, network management & assurance, IOT networking and network analytics.


Leverage new ways to manage networks.

Finally, for certain environments such as SD-WAN, Logicalis can offer a full “Network as a Service” solution. In this case Logicalis offer the same suite of managed services as detailed above, but also retain ownership of the asset. This allows the customer to simply consume the network as a pure service by paying a regular subscription fee.


Logicalis work with our customers to deliver state of the art networking solutions, and in addition to this offer a comprehensive set of services that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of individual customers.

If you’d like to learn more about Logicalis’s Network Managed Services portfolio please contact us today: info.uki@logicalis.com

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