Observability: Bridging Business, Customers and User Experience

Ireland, Mar 21, 2023

Article by Ed Bullock, Observability Specialist, Logicalis UK&I


Last month, I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of Logicalis Ireland’s customers at our Observability event in Dublin. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, Observability is how digital-first enterprises can address the increased complexity brought by modern IT architectures.  Held at the world-renowned Teeling Whiskey Distillery, which proved a great backdrop for sharing engaging content and entertaining conversation, we explored the importance of observability.


Digital Foundation Insights


Following some great insights into the whiskey industry from Jack Teeling himself, the Logicalis team began by discussing the importance of understanding your network infrastructure. Our lifecycle management approach provides comprehensive visibility into our customers’ digital assets. As with Observability, these Insights are fundamental to operational and business performance, and linked directly to revenue and profits.


The Rise of Observability


Observability is about understanding the ‘what, when, how, and why’ of an IT issue and linking this to business and operational outcomes. Of course, IT systems are intended to provide a coherent end-to-end digital experience for your customers and users. However, the challenge grows with the hyper-distributed nature of today’s applications, the reliance on public Internet as your network backbone, and using cloud providers as your infrastructure platform.


Observability and Monitoring


Whereas traditional monitoring alerts us to a problem, Observability provides us with real-time context. Think of a modern car: you want to know that you have the potential for a costly flat tyre before you set off on a journey. Monitoring is the warning light that pings on your dashboard as the tyre gets up to speed. Observability is hearing the hiss of air leaving your tyre before even getting on the road. With Observability, I know where to focus my attention - getting to the garage ASAP.


The Role of Observability


Observability improves situational awareness for IT teams and drives faster problem identification and incident resolution. It supports digital lines of business through revenue protection and growth, cost optimisation and reduction, and mitigating risk. This is vital given the heightened expectations that customers have and the implications on competitive advantage. Observability extends across domains, encompasses hybrid-cloud and cloud-native, whilst assuring digital experience.


Our Approach


At Logicalis, we work closely with our customers to prove the critical capabilities and quantify the value of our Observability solutions and services. This includes calculating the benefits of minimising slow applications, reducing alert noise, saving time troubleshooting, consolidating monitoring tools, improving user experience, as well as evidencing and escalating issues to external providers.


In Partnership with Cisco


As a certified Cisco Gold Partner, Logicalis, with over 30 years’ experience providing data-centric technology, is qualified to the highest level for implementation, services and support of all Cisco technologies including ThousandEyes and AppDynamics.



Get in touch with your Logicalis AM or contact a member of our team today if you have any questions or would like to discuss our Observability & Insights Solutions and Services in more detail!

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