How CIOs can overcome gaps in skills, security and compliance to deliver successful digital transformation projects

United Kingdom, Apr 29, 2024

Digital transformations are tricky. 

They often start off so well but then often snowball and become increasingly complicated and costly. In our latest CIO report, 62% of CIOs said that they had experienced, or anticipated, that their digital transformation projects would be cancelled or delayed due to cost constraints. But why, and what is causing these costs to rocket and deadlines to be delayed?


The Skills Gap

We’re in a digital skills crisis. That statement will be no surprise to any business leader right now, with endless studies, stats and headlines highlighting the struggles of many businesses to fill vital tech roles. One of the essential areas, which we saw explode last year, was cybersecurity.

According to our latest report, a staggering 83% of CIOs reported that their business experienced a cyber-attack within the past year. The shortage of cybersecurity talent directly impacts digital transformations by slowing down crucial initiatives. Organisations grappling with the lack of skilled professionals find themselves unable to implement the right, robust security measures essential for modernisation projects. Without adequate cybersecurity expertise, businesses face increased vulnerability to cyber threats, data breaches, and regulatory penalties, stalling or even derailing digital transformation endeavours.

Competing with a limited pool of cybersecurity talent, recruitment becomes more challenging and ends up delaying the implementation of digital initiatives. 

So, businesses know they need to invest in skills development and talent acquisition, but where do they start?  This is when it becomes a saving grace to partner up with the right people. Every business has their own needs and goals for their digital transformation, so it's key to make sure you pick the one which can meet your specialised needs whilst still having a wide breadth of knowledge. The right partner can provide experts with deep industry knowledge and stay on top of the latest cybersecurity trends, technologies, and threats. 


Cybersecurity Integration

One of the primary challenges in cybersecurity integration during digital transformations lies in balancing security measures with the agility and innovation inherent in digital initiatives. Modern IT ecosystems are now very complex and are often across interconnected networks, such as the cloud – which means the attack surface expands exponentially.

For an effective cybersecurity integration, there needs to be a holistic approach spanning people, processes, and technology. Robust solutions also need to be working in tandem with fostering a culture of cybersecurity awareness and compliance across the business.

Clearly integrating your security measures into digital initiatives is no mean feat – but it is crucial to ensuring that security isn’t just an afterthought, but rather becomes an integral part of your system. To have this proactive approach, it's key to work with people who can help the integrations, and foresee and predict any possible outcomes. The pace of technological innovation is so rapid, that trusted security experts serve as invaluable partners throughout the digital transformation journey and offer strategic guidance and support at every stage of the process. Having people who are there from the initial assessment and planning phases to the implementation and ongoing management of security measures, means that cybersecurity remains a top priority and an integral component of organisational strategy.


Regulatory Compliance and Data Privacy

Compliance and regulation are often a headache for many businesses. Although you may recognise their importance, that doesn’t mean it makes it any easier to navigate, especially as these regulations continue to shift with emerging technologies.

Compliance with data privacy regulations such as GDPR and industry-specific mandates is critical for businesses operating in today's regulatory environment. But as businesses implement their digital transformations, amongst everything else, getting your head around the ever-shifting tide of regulations becomes, at best, tricky. This is especially true when it comes to AI, where regulations are still being discussed.

This complex and murky area of digital transformation often requires specialist expertise. We have the tools to not only provide advice and insight but also proactively help you build and develop AI strategies that align with compliance requirements as you integrate them into your business. It’s all about making it more manageable and staying ahead of the regulatory landscape, so you’re not bogged down with regulatory complexities and can focus on the wider mission.


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