Logicalis expands optimisation services in cloud cost management and Microsoft 365 environments

United Kingdom, Sep 23, 2022

Immediate benefits on the optimisation path.

At a time when agility, security and resilience have never been more important, Logicalis has developed several expert service offerings that enable customers to automate cloud resource optimisation and maximise their Microsoft investment across their IT environments.  The result is greater efficiencies, lower IT risk, reduced costs, and future-ready technology around which organisations from a wide range of industries and sectors can reliably scale and grow.

Amid the upheaval of the last few years, thousands of IT teams across the country reacted admirably to deploy the solutions their organisations needed to enable hybrid/remote working, maintain business continuity, and keep operations running.

Yet migrating to any new system – or leveraging the cloud for new services or workloads – presents hurdles of its own, especially if those systems are implemented rapidly.  In the rush to meet demand and solve business challenges, it’s not uncommon for roll-outs to be hurried, add-ons skipped and (potentially critical) steps overlooked.

Without regular governance and oversight, technology investments and cloud costs can easily skyrocket and negatively impact the path to profitability that is required for long term success.

How can we help?
As customers embrace the benefits to be gained from optimisation, Logicalis have the specialist knowledge and industry best practices to deliver the respective skills, experience and supporting processes.

“With Logicalis Optimisation Services, we help organisations overcome obstacles associated with digital transformation and reduce the complexity of their environments.”
Scott Hodges, Cloud Practice and Technical Lead, Logicalis

From rapid cloud adoption in response to the pandemic to realising the value of your software investments and fragmented security coverage, read on to uncover any potential cost and efficiency gaps in your digital transformation projects — and how our technology and business experts can help you to solve them.


Cloud Cost Management Services
Address out-of-control cloud costs and improve cloud efficiency

Offering faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale it’s no surprise that businesses are increasing their consumption of cloud services at a rapid rate.  However, a drawback of this is that costs can grow quickly and, if not managed properly, can spiral out of control leaving you in ‘bill shock’.

Do you have a cloud spending problem?
Don’t panic; cloud is a good thing for your business, you just need the right cloud cost strategy.  A Logicalis Cloud Cost Management service is a managed solution that provides visibility into your cloud usage, insights into your cloud expenditure, shows you where you can optimise those costs, and automates aspects of cost management controls to keep costs low.

This service works with leading cloud platforms including Microsoft, AWS, and GCP so that you can simplify and automate your cloud infrastructure wherever your workloads and applications run and however you run them. With the goal of reducing resource usage and spend down to operating only what’s necessary:

  • Single view of your cloud consumption and costs across all cloud providers and subscriptions
  • Actionable insights and automated cost management controls
  • Reduce waste and spend

“By helping our clients navigate the complexity of cloud use and costs, we can maximise the value and flexibility of the hybrid cloud, but costs are contained.”
Harry Azariah, Senior Cloud Solution Architect, Logicalis

At Logicalis we know that optimisation is key to the long-term success of every cloud deployment, so we cater for all scenarios. If you don’t have the tools or the skills, then let us take care of this for you, as optimisation best practices are built into our cloud managed services. If, however, you want to retain the skills then we can deliver platform-based or SaaS optimisation solutions

Get started with a Cloud Cost Optimisation Assessment.
The output is a custom report of your resource utilisation and costs to show you actionable opportunities to reduce costs and improve efficiency.



Wherever you are on your cloud journey come and talk to us about how you optimise your cloud today and find out how we can help get better results from your cloud by continually optimising it to control costs, performance, and governance. Find out more HERE.


Microsoft 365 Efficiency Health Check
The first step to improving your existing M365 environments

Our FREE Microsoft Efficiency Health Check is an automated solution designed to provide insight into your M365 environment, your operational efficiency and how best to utilise the Microsoft stack to improve your business performance.

By surfacing usage data and actionable insights into your M365 estate, we can help you expand the potential of your investment as well as recognise and manage the key factors for optimisation – turning a short-term solution into one that meets the constant change and challenges of today’s working world.

Key factors for optimisation include:

  • Lapsed users
  • Non-allocated applications
  • Poor staff training on M365 applications
  • Compliance
  • Users on the wrong M365 subscription

Delivered by our specialists, each with extensive experience across M365, an Efficiency Health Check is a best-practice assessment that ensures your organisation is optimised for security, performance, and compliance.

Health Check Benefits:

  • Never have unused subscriptions
  • Build usage of key applications
  • Save money on subscription spend
  • Increase IT ROI
  • Compliance overview
  • Teams overview

Get started with a FREE Microsoft Efficiency Health Check
The output is accurate and actionable information for proper M365 optimisation. With up to 180 days usage analysis, licence and compliance overview, our service also includes a clear scoring against Microsoft and industry best practices with an improvement plan on how to manage your environment moving forward.



Whether you need a health check, a security audit or a backup review, our qualified team will draw from their individual Microsoft certifications and deep experience servicing our clients to provide a Microsoft Expert Service that’s tailored to your needs. Find out more HERE.

Create a dynamic cost model to minimise the impact on the bottom line
While organisations are seeking ways to lower costs and achieve greater agility, security, and resiliency it is crucial to have an optimisation strategy in place to avoid over or under-investment in the infrastructure and optimise cost management.

As part of the Logicalis group, we harness our collective technology expertise to help our clients build a blueprint for success, so they can deliver sustainable outcomes that matter.

Contact us today to explore our full range of optimisation service offerings and resources – and discover how we help organisations across all sectors adapt and deliver critical workloads.


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