Time to move from reactive to proactive protection against modern cyber attacks

United Kingdom, Oct 27, 2022

Identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover from ransomware and cyber-attacks with Secure OnMesh, SIEM for a modern world.


Staying ahead of sophisticated cyber criminals isn’t the only thing challenging modern IT teams. As the network demands of our business change, so too does the landscape, creating holes in the traditional security measures we have all depended on for so long to keep our systems safe.

Organisations moving their business applications and data stores to the cloud, paired with device usage, and growing regulatory complexity, have made on-premises internet gateways cumbersome and expensive to manage. Meanwhile, distributed workforces because of remote and hybrid working models have rendered corporate firewalls powerless.

As new cyberattack threats continue to emerge, organisations need to think differently about how they are securing their vital data, systems, and infrastructure - and many are struggling to adapt their protective measures to this dynamic environment while still maintaining efficiency.

Of course, system security is constantly innovating to meet these challenges head on. But the emphasis here is not that these risks can’t be defended against. Rather, the challenge is that they appear quickly, and many of them are new.  As a result, they can threaten your systems before you’ve had the opportunity to assess them and implement a solution.

In this landscape, it’s not the strength of your walls that will keep your systems safe but your ability to detect, monitor and respond to attacks while securing your digital estate before damage is done.


See and stop threats before they cause harm, with Secure OnMesh, SIEM for a modern world


To compete against the threat of modern cyberattacks requires a modern solution that allows organisations to adapt to opportunities in real-time. That’s why Logicalis delivers Secure OnMesh, a managed SIEM solution that provides unprecedented levels of agility and flexibility whilst simultaneously meeting the highest standards of security and data integrity.

Secure OnMesh weaves real-time security telemetry into every element of your digital fabric making your threat detection and response smarter and faster. Get insights across your entire organisation, view a prioritised list of alerts, and simplify security operations with integrated automation and orchestration of common tasks and workflows.

  • Focus on finding real threats quickly
  • Reduce noise from legitimate events
  • Hunt suspicious activity at scale
  • Speed up threat response with built-in automation of common tasks



Providing integrated threat protection across your entire enterprise

With our cloud native managed service, Secure OnMesh, Logicalis provide customers with integrated threat protection across devices, identities, apps, email, data, and cloud workloads.

Our managed SIEM service offerings are based on qualified expertise and proven methods to help clients across all sectors focus on finding real threats quickly and securing their infrastructure:

  • Discuss current security threats, gain understanding of your SIEM costs and review ingestion costs
  • Align SIEM service to support the organisation and user needs
  • Expert coaching and guidance tailored to your environment
  • Pro-active monitoring with recommended remedial advice
  • Health reviews by our technical consultants
  • Ongoing checks and security and compliance measures to ensure governance
  • Monthly reporting providing automated and regular insights
  • Optional Managed Defender service
  • Optional Emergency Incident Response service

Safeguard your organisation from today’s attacks – and tomorrow’s – with Logicalis Secure OnMesh


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