Latest EOX Announcements from Cisco

United Kingdom, Jan 17, 2024

EOX Announcement - January 2024

EOX is a critical milestone when looking at the lifecycle of your Cisco environment and often prompts organisations to review the impact of EOX to products, services, or subscriptions.  Knowing when your equipment goes End of Sale, End of Life, End of Attach or End of Security Vulnerability is key to ensuring that you have a stable, supported, and secure environment.

To ensure our customers are best prepared and help manage EOX transitions, Logicalis have compiled the latest Cisco announcements into an easy-to-navigate report that allows you to obtain end-of-life information including the latest End of Sale announcements and all products which are going End of Life, End of Attach and End of Security Vulnerability.

Discover some of the key announcements and access the full report below:


End of Attach


WebEx Enterprise Contact Centre Add-ons (Select Sku's)

If you don't already have these on support your last date in order to do so is coming closer. Once we have passed this date you will no longer be able to attach these products to a support agreement.


End of Security Vulnerability


Cisco Aironet 1800i Series, Cisco Nexus 550, 5600 & 6000 NX-OS 7.3 (All versions)

With the announcement of the end of Security Vulnerability, Cisco have announced their intention to stop patching for known Security Vulnerabilities on these models. In order to continue receiving patches the equipment will need to be refreshed with current models which do receive patches.


For a full view into Cisco's Key EOX Announcements over the past 6 months, download our report below! 


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