The Impact of BellaDati’s Agile BI Platform

, Jul 13, 2015

Cloud and Agile BI has been gaining some momentum in recent years. We wanted to speak to Martin Trgina, the founder and CEO of BellaDati, a specialist Agile BI platform provider, to discover what trends he is currently seeing on the market when working with organisations such as Ricoh, Korean Telecom and Red Bull etc. Below is a summary from our conversation: 

Split among industries 

The US tends to be more open to Cloud BI, however the industry sector is more a dividing factor. Financial Services companies and Public organisations are still more risk averse and prefer to have on premise installations compared to companies in the hospitality sector or some professional services that are much more open to the idea of Cloud.

Organisations are going for both an on premise platform and Cloud

Depending on the actual use case, the very same organisation might have both an on premise installation as well as Cloud BI running in conjunction with each other.

One of our clients, the European CTO of Red Bull, chose an on premise installation of BellaDati, mainly due to an existing SAP infrastructure. In parallel to that, they needed a quickly deployable sales KPI dashboard (using Excel feeds from the various stores) for one of their countries in Europe. This resulted in their IT Director utilising BellaDati’s Cloud which was situated on a Google Drive.

It is not uncommon that both on premise and Cloud installations co-exist in the same business. Most businesses will have a major vendor infrastructure (SAP, IBM etc.) already in place. For achieving fast deployment for specific BI applications, a Cloud BI platform will be introduced to run specific BI applications.

Self– servicing

Our BellaDati tool, has proven to be extremely useful for people who traditionally have been using Excel for reporting but are not an IT specialist. What we are finding with the Red Bull Cloud BI application, is that business users were in a position to create the dashboards without depending on any support from the IT department.

About BellaDati

BellaDati has been voted as one of the BI solutions to watch in recent years. The company specialises in Agile BI solutions that enable very fast and cost effective reporting and analytics. Companies that are currently using BellaDati include Ricoh, Dell and Korean Telecom to name a few. BellaDati serves its customers through partnership across Europe, USA and Asia.

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