Logicalis UK&I achieves Cisco Advanced Customer Experience Specialization

, Jan 18, 2022

Logicalis UK&I is excited to announce that we have achieved the Cisco Advanced Customer Experience Specialization, recognizing our excellence in delivering customer support and success.  This places Logicalis UK&I amongst just ten companies in the UK to achieve this specialisation.

In meeting the criteria for this certification, Logicalis UK&I demonstrates that it has an embedded ethos of driving customer success and outcomes throughout the business, building a sustainable lifecycle practice, benefitting our customers.  

Steve Blackwell, Logicalis UK&I’s Director of Customer Success says “We are delighted to achieve the Advanced Customer Experience Specialization from Cisco. This accreditation is built on years of development and partnership with Cisco and embodies our recognition that customer experience is critical to our mission to be considered the best IT solutions and services company by our customers, partners and employees.  We are now looking forward to building on this solid foundation to deliver further innovative and advanced solutions and first-class service to our customers”

Rob Price, Practice Director, Digital Infrastructure, Logicalis UK&I, also commented: “I am delighted that Logicalis has now added the Advanced Customer Experience (CX) specialisation to our extensive list of Cisco accreditations. Logicalis has a long-standing relationship with Cisco, which includes being one of only five Global Gold Partners.

“The Advanced CX specialisation will allow us to leverage a highly developed set of tools and capabilities to ensure that our customers are deriving maximum value and benefit from their Cisco solutions. This is important for several reasons. Firstly, when a customer invests in a Cisco solution, it is reasonable for them to expect to be able to leverage all of the features and capabilities that that solution has to offer. Secondly, from both a Cisco and Logicalis perspective, a customer who is deriving maximum value from their solution is more likely to invest further to expand it. Finally, in a world where more and more technologies and solutions are delivered via recurring offer / subscription-based models, the more value a customer derives from their solution, the more likely it is that they will renew their subscription when the time comes.

“In summary, providing advanced CX services represents a “win, win” scenario, with the customer, Cisco and Logicalis all benefitting significantly. I personally look forward to Logicalis delivering many successful CX engagements going forward.”

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