Logicalis UK Big Data Predictions Give England Victory Hopes in Rugby World Cup

, Sep 18, 2015

Team to donate £1000 to Charity if Top 4 Predictions Agree with Final Results

Logicalis UK Information Insights team has today unveiled its big data analytics predictions ahead of tonight’s opening match of the Rugby World Cup.  The analytics take into account data points on each team’s past performances in the tournament and place New Zealand as odds on favourites to lift the cup in 6 weeks time, with a 91% probability of victory.

Using data points from matches in all previous World Cup tournaments, the Information Insights team crunched the numbers to predict the four most probable winners to be:

  • New Zealand 91%
  • Australia 77%
  • England 69%
  • France 64%

Chris Gabriel, CTO of Logicalis UK commented, “Predicting rugby games is just one use of big data analytics.  As a proud Welshman, whilst I am a little disappointed my colleagues only give my home nation a 23% chance of lifting the trophy at the home of English Rugby Twickenham in 6 weeks-time, donating £1,000 to charity will be very satisfying.

“In the name of sport and good fun, I believe we needed to back-up these analytics predictions with something more than just optimism, so we are confidently donating to charity £250 for each of our predicted teams making it to the final four.

However, in the hope that analytics cannot take into account national pride, if one of the home nations does lift the trophy, we will donate an additional £500. We wish the home teams good luck and also fingers crossed that big data can create a big donation to a worthy cause.”

Click here to view Logicalis UK's Information Insights prediction for England this World Cup.

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