Rethink the modern workspace to empower employees

, Jan 4, 2022

The ‘forced experiment’ of the last year and a half has undoubtedly shown that employees are not less productive outside of the office. In fact, many remote workers go above and beyond, reporting higher productivity and thrive when given radical flexibility to focus on consistently delivering desired outcomes in a way that works for them.

However, there is a gap between what the XYZ generations want from their working environment and what leaders believe they should provide. Senior leaders need to create a balance between the needs of the business and employees to address this. For long-term success the focus needs to shift to employees themselves. Enhancing employee experiences will deliver benefits to both the businesses and employees, creating a happy medium. By adapting to modern generational attitudes to work, businesses can empower employees and connect them to their business. However, if the model is to truly succeed and businesses are to reap these considerable benefits, it’s important to rethink if and how traditional office-based working practices fit.

Businesses need to avoid the temptation of replicating the traditional office environment remotely with a narrow focus on technology. A move towards hybrid working is not just about replacing like for like with more modern workplace technologies. Instead it should be considered a shift in business practices to accommodate and encourage collaboration and innovation no matter where an employee is based. Best achieved through a human-centric approach that tackles overall employee experience, businesses need to leverage the power of workplace technologies to drive collaboration, innovation, and productivity through flexibility and agility. Enabled by digital technology, a modern workspace encompasses all the technology needed for an employee to do their work without the need to be in a physical workspace.

Director of Services at Logicalis Australia, Damian Zammit, notes, “A human-centric, people-first approach is critical in shaping workspaces for today. Enhancing employee experience not only helps with morale, productivity, and talent retention but also creates clear business benefits with improved customer service and increased innovation. Businesses need to make use of cutting-edge technologies to create flexible, adaptable, and secure workspaces that provide employees with the right environment to thrive. As the wider market becomes increasingly competitive, an empowered workforce can be the difference between leading the pack or falling behind.”

Turning the traditional office on its head, taking a modern approach to workspaces offers something for every working style no matter where an employee is based or how they want to work. As Architects of Change™ we’re already helping customers to shape the ways they enable their employees to work, focused on human-centric employee experiences powered by modern workplace technology.

With the flexibility of working style and technology tools to foster workplace collaboration, increase employee productivity, and instil greater business agility, a hybrid approach puts employee experience at the front to create a cost effective work environment that allows businesses to succeed.

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