Rethink operational efficiency to unlock resource

, Jan 10, 2022

A hybrid workplace approach offers many benefits, chief among them the opportunity to unlock potential already held within businesses through operational efficiencies.

In a fiercely competitive marketplace, businesses need to focus resources on delivering exceptional customer experiences through empowered employees, underpinned by a secure and agile infrastructure.

One of the quickest ways to improve operational efficiency and leverage technical expertise is through managed services. Additionally, there is a widening skills gap which makes it difficult for companies to gain or retain expertise within operations. With IT functions becoming pivotal to business operations and competitive advantage, an increasingly viable option is to augment and supplement digital skills through managed services.

Outsourcing the management of IT is a proven way to increase service levels, and in many cases decrease costs, but only if it’s done right. Managed services offer an opportunity to access the latest technologies, align cost to need, improve existing infrastructure, and free up resource to focus on strategic business initiatives in one hit. Helping to keep businesses focused on scaling for the path ahead, they guarantee performance and maximise value to give confidence that systems are optimised and running in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Appointing a managed services partner can future proof operations using best-in-breed technology with low capital outlay. This releasing of resource can unlock potential across the business to focus on new emerging technology and extract value from legacy data and systems across the business.

Rethinking the way that businesses optimise their operations to unlock potential is almost limitless. Managed services provide more than just Software-as-a-Service but Architecture-as-a-Service, giving businesses the tools for competitive advantage. Unleashing existing capability within the business, they free up existing potential and provide a cost effective option for businesses that wish to gain competitive advantage and look to reimagine the way they operate.

Logicalis Group, VP of Services, Markus Erb, comments, “A move to hybrid working offers a range of benefits for businesses but still leaves the question of how to maintain the optimum environment once the correct infrastructure is in place. Managed services help businesses to remain focused on growth whilst leaving the complexity of managing IT systems to experts who can extract the maximum return on investment from technologies.”

When rethinking operational efficiency for the hybrid model, managed services offer a way to infuse expertise into operations whilst freeing up internal resource for other projects. Logicalis’ managed services offering allows leaders to remain focused on scaling their business whilst leaving the complexity of managing IT systems up to experts who can maximise their value to deliver long-term sustainable growth and a blueprint for future success.

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