Logicalis UK achieves Cisco IoT authorisation partner status

, Feb 14, 2019

Logicalis UK has today announced that it has been named as the first in the UK & Ireland, and one of the first organisations globally, to achieve Cisco’s new IoT Authorisation partner status. Officially launched in January 2019, this will aid Logicalis in bringing new technologies and architectures to market to help its customers embrace digital transformation.

Bob Swallow, Managing Director, Logicalis UK, comments, “We’re proud to be named as one of the first organisations to achieve this IoT partner status. As well as recognising our progress and capability, it is further proof of our continued commitment to our Cisco partnership and is critical in this rapidly evolving, multi-dimensional space.  We’re looking forward to working with Cisco to help our customers embrace and realise the huge potential of the connected world through solutions tailored to their industry, environment and circumstances.”

Cisco introduced its IoT partner authorisation in November 2018 at the Cisco Partner Summit. Central to this are a range of training sessions for partners, with certifications for both sales and technical personnel. Logicalis UK achieved double the number of required certified professionals and has applied for Cisco's IoT Advantage certification, the next phase of the training.

“IoT is a core focus area for the Logicalis Group and we’ve invested significant time and resources into building both our knowledge and solutions,” said Richard Simmons, European Chief Technologist for IoT at Logicalis. “Our infrastructure expertise allows us to create secure automated network platforms, from the data centre to the edge, which is the foundation on which IoT services are built on. This, coupled with our rigorous training and data analytics skills and expertise, means we can help our customers fully embrace the potential of IoT.”

To learn more about how Logicalis is working with Cisco to provide robust, reliable and cost effective solutions to meet customer's organisational needs, visit http://www.uk.logicalis.com/our-partners/cisco/

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