Accelerating Workspace Transformation with Cisco

, Nov 18, 2021

Renata Randi, Chief Marketing and Alliances Officer, Logicalis LATAM

Work used to be a fixed place you go to, but it has evolved into something you do. Top and emerging talent is conscious of this transition and expects more flexibility from employers when it comes to the workplace. Research suggests 77% of Gen X employees would prefer to work for a company that gives them the flexibility to work from anywhere rather than at an expensive office.

The modern workspace needs the tools to empower employees to be as productive and engaged as possible. To do so, businesses must overhaul a multitude of systems from accounting to IT and security. Taking on these challenges is essential but building an internal team to handle this transformation can be difficult, time-consuming, and cost-ineffective.

Instead, the best way to ensure a successful workspace transformation is to take on a solutions’ provider partner who can bring extensive technology expertise and strategic partnerships to the table from day one. A partner significantly reduces the time a workspace transformation can take, helps  assess where a business is, and then creates a transformation plan and scale solutions cost-effectively. Collaborating with an organisation with powerful strategic partnerships also opens your network and provides a solid foundation for cooperation.

Logicalis has been in partnership with Cisco for over 25 years, which has enabled both parties to co-innovate and design solutions to digitally transform global businesses.  

Expertise you can count on

Our relationship with Cisco started by selling physical solutions and products and has since evolved to provide better solutions that address today's business needs. Whether this is new software, future-proofing workspaces or securing the modern workplace, our long-running partnership with Cisco continues to develop and change to meet the needs of the global marketplace.

In a recent workspace transformation project, we helped create a new learning experience and enhance the digital learning capabilities at Youngstown University in Ohio for their 13,000 students. With 90% of learning happening in person, the project marked a meaningful change in YSU's approach.

The decision to offer digital learning came at just the right time. With the pandemic forcing universities to shift to remote education, Logicalis and Cisco were able to quickly scale YSU's earlier WebEx adoption cost-effectively, enabling educators to teach, meet and interact with students, no matter where they are.

Global knowledge, local execution

One of just five Cisco Global Gold partners certified to deliver Cisco services across IT environments, Logicalis provides a consistent, seamless experience with a single point of contact to help navigate an intricate global landscape. Our proven expertise and joint delivery of solutions at pace with end-to-end security help businesses to unravel where they are on their workspace transformation journey and shed light on where to go next.

Providing a consistent experience through global managed services, we work hand in glove to meet the challenges of any market, from trade regulations and landing sites to simplified management and local deployment. Through our Digital Services Platform (DSP) and regional centres of excellence, we deliver the same quality and experience worldwide, with a unified set of values and operational standards in every market.

Looking ahead

In the years that Cisco and Logicalis have worked together, the industry has changed beyond recognition, especially over the last 12 months. However, the pandemic has brought Logicalis and Cisco closer together, and we are more prepared than ever to deliver successful workplace transformations to customers.

The pandemic has changed the future of the workplace, and as digital transformation enablers, Logicalis is at the forefront of readying businesses for a new world of hybrid working.

With lifecycle technologies and end-to-end security, businesses that transform through Logicalis and Cisco don't need to worry about their infrastructures becoming outdated or security being breached. Logicalis' ability to integrate our service offerings across multiple different infrastructures will increase the flexibility and adaptability of partnering with an experienced managed services provider.

Whether businesses are just at the start of their journey, stuck in the middle, or looking for new ways to grow, together, Logicalis and Cisco offer a bespoke approach to help customers transform and succeed, wherever they are in the world.

Across our regions, Logicalis recently won 18 awards at the Cisco Partner Summit 2021 in recognition of our partnership and commitment to supporting our customers’ digital transformations.

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