Press release: 2e2 Consulting acquired by Logicalis

, Mar 4, 2013

Name changed immediately to ‘Logicalis SMC’.

With effect from March 4, 2013 2e2 Consulting is part of the Logicalis Group, an international IT service provider specialising in data centres, cloud services and managed services generating annual revenues of over $1.2 billion. The reason for this acquisition was the financial difficulty which 2e2’s UK holding company encountered in recent months. Over the past weeks an acquisition partner was sought for the profitable units, including 2e2 Consulting in the Netherlands. Following negotiations with various parties, Logicalis was chosen. 2e2 Consulting has therefore changed its name to Logicalis SMC (Service Management Consulting) with effect from March 4, 2013.

Ideal home

Eugene Wolf, Managing Director of Logicalis, is particularly pleased with this acquisition: “In Logicalis we’ve found the ideal home. It’s an organisation that operates in the same field as us, and that’s noticeable immediately. They understand our business better than anyone, and our specialist Service Management offering is a perfect fit for the portfolio of Logicalis, which will now immediately enter the Dutch market with us. In parallel, our services will also be offered in countries in which Logicalis is already established, including the UK, Australia, China, the US, Germany and parts of South America. The British also recognise that our independence and business culture are important in order to continue to operate efficiently in the Netherlands. We’ve therefore welcomed this acquisition very enthusiastically. It offers a great many opportunities.”

Service Management Centre of Excellence hub

CEO of the Logicalis Group, Ian Cook: “This deal fits in well with the ambition of strengthening our presence in Europe and further expanding our solutions and services. The Service Management Consulting business will also contribute to improved services, which we can now introduce to our international clients and prospects. Logicalis will act as a Service Management Centre of Excellence hub. In addition to their IT-Guardian ITSM-as-a-Service solution, they will also bring a team of top consultants in the field of ITSM. Our Group will be enriched.”

Further information
Logicalis SMC
Eugene Wolf, Managing Director
T +31 70 799 00 30

End of press release


About Logicalis Group

Logicalis is an international provider of IT solutions with a wide portfolio of knowledge and expertise in communication and cooperation, data centres, cloud services and managed services. From its international headquarters in United Kingdom, Logicalis employs 3.000 professionals worldwide, including highly trained service specialists who design, roll out and manage complex IT infrastructures and data centres tailored to the requirements of almost 6,000 clients in the private and public sectors.

Logicalis has international partnerships with Cisco, HP, IBM, CA Technologies, NetApp, VMware and ServiceNow and provides specialist solutions for companies and medium-sized enterprises in financial services, retail, production and the service sector, with which we help these businesses to take advantage of advanced technologies in a cost-effective way. Logicalis also works with other service providers and various public sector organisations in local government, education and healthcare.

The Logicalis Group has annual revenues of over $1,2 biliion, generated from activities in the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region. It is rapidly building a reputation as a leading IT and communication service provider specialising in advanced technologies and services.

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