Rethink infrastructure and design for flexibility

, Dec 13, 2021

To be able to extract the best value from employees and technology, remote working strategies need to be carefully considered and designed.

Existing remote work strategies were mostly implemented as a response to work from home orders and are unlikely to be able to support a hybrid workforce in the long term. Whilst the temporary measures did well to sustain businesses, they lack the flexible, adaptable infrastructure required to sustain hybrid working practices.

As we all take stock of any temporary solutions that were built, organisations that wish to stay ahead of the crowd need to build a foundation of agility and create a fully-fledged hybrid workforce strategy that tackles everything from employee experience to organisational enablement.

The key element here is cloud. A robust cloud structure and strategy will flex with a hybrid approach. It’s time for businesses to rethink their digital infrastructure and cloud strategy. Only by doing this will they be able to optimise operations to unlock future capability.

Delivering greater business agility, and flexibility to scale operations, cloud offers a huge range of benefits for businesses. From a more engaged workforce with better balance, operational efficiencies, and opportunities to innovate, it provides a strong foundation to build a flexible business infrastructure which can outpace competitors.

These days the question is less ‘if’ a business will move to the cloud but ‘when’ and ‘how’ it will get there and pursuing the right cloud strategy with an upfront view of costs and risks is critical. A move towards a flexible infrastructure built on a robust cloud strategy must be done in the right way to avoid risk and a lengthy project. With the right blend of specialist skills, delivering a modern cloud-first platform is not only feasible but accelerated adoption of hybrid or multi-cloud environments will mean that businesses can quickly realise the benefits.

Toby Alcock, CTO of Logicalis Group, comments, “To succeed in the post pandemic digital economy, businesses need to ensure they adopt a strategic people-first approach to digital transformation. Cloud provides an adjustable, agile infrastructure that can be easily scaled with the added benefit of a flexible pay-as-you-go model. As a result, businesses can simultaneously optimise cost and maximise ROI whilst benefitting from flexible, agile environments to support business goals. A trusted partner can guide businesses through the lifecycle from strategy, cloud migration, managed services with ongoing optimisation and evolution to deliver continued success.”

As Architects of Change™, we know what is required for a successful move to the cloud and can provide proven cloud transformation that delivers business value at scale. Our cloud offering helps businesses to transform with a scalable and secure cloud platform delivered in a fast, cost effective and controlled way. Our tried and tested approach delivers value at speed, with low risk, so leaders know that it will be done right, first time, in record time.

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