Press release: Logicalis SMC and TROUX join forces

, Oct 2, 2013

Logicalis SMC and Troux signed a collaboration agreement. Logicalis SMC will use Troux’s successful Enterprise Portfolio Management solution to widen its integrated IT Service Management offering. By establishing a link between all enterprise portfolios in both IT and the business itself, Troux clarifies the context and makes it much easier for senior managers to take the right decisions on IT investments.

Speaking about the collaboration, Eugene Wolf, CEO of Logicalis SMC, said: “Our mission to raise the performance of IT organisations began 15 years ago. In those days we focused primarily on the core processes in IT such as Incident Management, Change Management and Configuration Management. Together with selected partners we gradually broadened our services to offer a comprehensive set of solutions. In that context Troux is a logical addition that will give our customers a good overview of their enterprise portfolios, the interrelationships and their value in relation to the company’s objectives and, for example, IT assets. In that way Troux will open the way to sound decision-making on investments, reduce the risks and save a lot of money.”

Executive Vice President Tim Dimond-Brown of Troux“I am very pleased that Logicalis SMC has joined the family of Troux partners. They are well respected in the Dutch market and have a reputation for delivering success to their customers through a combination of market-leading technology and services. The value Troux solutions deliver is complimentary to the Logicalis SMC proposition, and strengthens our combined value-add in the market. We expect great things from the relationship.”                   

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About Troux

Troux’s mission is to bring about a permanent change in the way decisions are taken in companies. Troux solutions enable market leaders, CIOs and their teams to leverage the power of enterprise architecture to manage the integrated set of enterprise portfolios that define their business. Better decision-making, based on the unique TrouxView ™ Enterprise Portfolio Management approach, helps companies to save money, reduce risks and increase the flexibility of their business. With the largest and fastest-growing customer database, Troux delivers results for some of the world’s best-known brands, including American Express, AstraZeneca, Bayer HealthCare, Boeing, Cisco, Disney, Lloyds, Vodafone and Volkswagen Group of America.

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