Three key benefits of Cisco Refresh

, Oct 25, 2021

We find ourselves in unprecedented times. As the Covid pandemic begins to wind down, we are seeing manufacturing, logistics and supply chain issues manifesting themselves across all aspects of our lives. In the IT industry shortages of integrated circuits (silicon chips) are resulting in some very long product lead times, which in turn are impacting our customers abilities to deliver - digitisation projects that are being accelerated in part due to Covid.

One possible way to at least partially mitigate some of these lead time issues is to look to the second user market. Cisco as a manufacturer have long been an advocate of this approach with their Cisco Refresh programme. In fact, Cisco Refresh are currently quoting typical lead times of around 10 to 15 days.

Cisco Refresh hold an extensive inventory of Cisco equipment, up to and including some of their very latest platforms and technologies. All of the equipment is fully “remanufactured” to “as new” standard, and carries the same warranty and support packages as new equipment. Cisco Refresh is the only brand of pre-owned Cisco equipment that is authorized and certified by Cisco. Customers gain peace of mind, knowing that they are buying genuine products with no compromise in quality, performance, support, or value. On top of this the equipment benefits from a lower list price when compared to new.

There are three key benefits to be highlighted when considering Cisco Refresh second user equipment.

  • Lead times are currently considerably lower at present than for some new equipment. This “beat the queue” factor should not be underestimated.
  • In the longer term, second user equipment has significant sustainability benefits. The so called “circular economy” is now a Board level issue for many customers, and any solution that can help in this regard should be taken seriously.
  • Buying through the Cisco supply chain ensures that the parts are genuine and approved for your region – grey or counterfeit kit remains an ongoing problem.

If you have a critical project impacted by long lead times Cisco Refresh is a vendor backed option that gives the assurance of “as new” kit, a full vendor warranty and supply through authorised partners, like Logicalis. Speak to us today to see how your business can benefit from Cisco Refresh.

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