Logicalis UK announces launch of Transform-Now

, Aug 12, 2020

Logicalis UK today announced ‘Transform-Now’, a technology and financial services framework to simplify, accelerate, and flexibly finance digital transformation, helping organisations build back better as they look to use technology to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic and gear toward economic recovery. Designed to unlock both the financial and the digital transformation resources needed to deliver immediate priorities as well as long-term digital transformation certainty, the framework simplifies the complexity of multi-platform change through a single comprehensive partnership agreement which allows businesses to confidently plan and prioritise digital transformation initiatives and investments in an uncertain world.

  • Simplify – A strategic partnership encompassing multi-domain transformations including connectivity, remote working, collaboration, IoT, data, data centres, hybrid multi-cloud and security platforms.
  • Financial – Unlocks the funding power of Logicalis Financial Services and access to new consumption models including vendor support rental as well as managed and cloud services.
  • Business Outcomes – Accelerate and improve transformation outcomes aligned to key indicators of success and backed by industry best practice.
  • Value – Outcome-based partnership bringing multi-year commercial advantage and including all services necessary to delivery change

Alex Louth, Managing Director of Logicalis UK, commented, “In speaking to many organisations during COVID-19, it is clear that there is a desire to build back better and engage with a new partnership model that simplifies and de-risks change. That means streamlining processes, consolidating partnerships, accessing finance or new consumption and ownership models, and simplifying the IT landscape by removing roadblocks.

We saw the speed at which organisations deployed technology to cope with the COVID changes, and we want to stimulate the same energy and agility as we emerge from it. We’re now in a world where partnership has never been more important and exchanging value through deeper engagement and intimacy means we can confidently guide and accelerate our customers through digital change.

Combining Logicalis UK’s digital transformation pedigree with the commercial strength of Logicalis Financial Services means that we can accelerate our customers digital transformation and offer our customers certainty in an uncertain world.”

Greg Lewis of Logicalis Financial Services commented, “We are proud to be supporting Logicalis UK in offering a single strategic partnership that enables organisations to plan and execute on a range of transformation initiatives. Logicalis Financial Services has access to all major funding streams and can also tap into major funding initiatives of organisations such as Cisco Capital, who have made $2.5b available for post-COVID-19 transformation projects. We believe ‘Transform-Now’ sets the bar in how digital transformation can be delivered and funded and we are delighted to be a part of it.”

Further details of the ‘Transform-Now’ framework will be released in September, and customers can engage immediately to define and plan how it can benefit their digital transformation plans.

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