Redefining work with a Digital HQ

, May 4, 2022

The word ‘work’ has long been synonymous with a location – you ‘go to work’. Now that we’ve adapted to living through the pandemic, ‘work’ simply defines what we do - the place we do it no longer matters.

Moving forwards, the benefits to enabling the workforce to work from anywhere, and the flexibility to work-life balance that it allows, can’t be ignored – indeed many believe it will be paramount to attracting and retaining talent.

In order to sever the reliance on physical locations, we need to build a digital one – a Digital HQ. A Digital HQ is an integrated suite of tools that securely, seamlessly, and intuitively provides creative, collaborative, and productive capabilities to everyone, regardless of location. For the digital HQ to be successful however, it needs to be adopted by everyone, with a better experience than a physical location, and be inclusive to colleagues, customers and partners.

We consider four core pillars to a Digital HQ: Digital Workplace, Digital Workspace, Secure Access, and Employee Experience. These pillars all need to be integrated to deliver that seamless experience.

Digital Workplace is the virtualisation of the meeting room. It provides the core collaboration capabilities to everyone from telephony to video to chat and whiteboarding.

Digital Workspace brings all a user’s resources - apps, services, and data - into a single workspace with a cloud-like experience.

Secure Access protects both the employee, as they access services, and the employer, from unauthorised access to corporate services. It is delivered through a combination of SASE at the endpoint and zero trust within the organisation.

Employee Experience is multi-level. With digital workplace and workspace solutions, we gain telemetry and analytics to measure experience, adoption and inclusiveness and intervene where necessary. The next level of employee experience looks to improve experience through automation, typically self-service. The final level empowers employees to change their own experience with low-code workflow automation and development.

When integrated together, these four pillars deliver a Digital HQ where users gain a secured and simplified experience. It opens new ways of working, such as TikTok-style asynchronous video conversations when diaries don’t align but individuals need to progress discussions and collaboration. It promotes inclusion, as everyone in a team can see what is being worked on and can collaborate on it. Finally, it delivers experience and adoption analytics, enabling early intervention where required. When done right, the Digital HQ empowers employees and connects them to colleagues, customers and partners, to collaborate and innovate in new and more productive ways.

Logicalis builds and manages Digital HQs, leveraging solutions you already have and modernising others into a seamless platform, typically comprising of our Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), our Managed Collaboration Suite multi-vendor service (which includes experience and adoption analytics), and our Managed Security Services and Professional Services to automate workflows and build low-code apps.

If you’re working on your workforce transformation strategy or are looking to build a Digital HQ and are not sure where to start, or just want to discuss your ideas with our experts, then please get in touch.

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