Logicalis UK Launches Spatial Intelligence Solution

, May 14, 2015

Behavioural analytics bolsters Information Insight services, enables rich mobile experiences in retail and service-led industries

International solutions provider, Logicalis, today launched its new behavioural analytics solution in the UK, as it further builds its investment in business analytics and information insights. The new solution, Spatial Intelligence, combines motion and location aware networking with powerful analytics to build rich insights from customer behaviour, providing more rewarding and profitable experiences for organisations and customers alike.

Spatial Intelligence has been created by the recently acquired Logicalis Group company ITUMA, and its announcement closely follows the acquisition of analytics solutions provider, Trovus. Both form part of the newly created Information Insights business unit at Logicalis UK, as it expands its integrated portfolio of social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies (SMAC) and services. Ed Charvet, newly appointed Director of Information Insights at Logicalis UK, explains:

“As organisations increasingly seek ways to optimise services through business information, we’re focussed on turning data into actionable business insights to unlock real value for our clients. Spatial Intelligence is a key part of that strategy; when making sense of the layers of data within an organisation, the solution provides the depth of business insight that, when combined with other data sources, enable deep insights into human behaviour, which is where the real value lies.”

The solution has seen rapid uptake in Germany, specifically in the retail sector where customers include international shopping centre specialists Sonae Sierra, with the solution deployed at their Hofgarten Shopping Centre. In the UK, Logicalis is already working with numerous organisations to pilot the solution, including one of the largest discount supermarkets, and a number of hospitality businesses and Universities.  

Richard Simmons, Chief Technologist at Logicalis UK, comments: “Spaces are increasingly being filled with, and surrounded by, a huge volume of physical and virtual information. This solution helps organisations easily and cost-effectively turn that data - from people, movement, products and facilities - into actionable intelligence, so they can adapt spaces and design services to better suit the needs of customers.”

Combining smart device tracking with a powerful analytics dashboard, Spatial Intelligence collects and analyses the wealth of detailed information being provided by the movement of customers’ smart devices. Simmons continues:

“To get a real view of space, and the all-important activity and interaction within it, organisations must analyse the movement of mobile patterns chronologically, locally and over time, and within context.  Instead of relying on snapshot or siloed data, Spatial Intelligence provides comprehensive live data, dwell time, paths and flows, and everything in between, which enables real value exchange between customer and organisation.”

The solution can be implemented on-premise or delivered via a cloud service, and can be fully integrated with existing CRM, and front-end systems. Regardless of consumption model, Spatial Intelligence is focussed on bringing customer intelligence in-house; they provide the experience, the network and own the insights. 

Ed Charvet concludes, “With Spatial Intelligence retailers are encouraging customers to stay longer and spend more, and we’re already seeing innovative applications in other markets, such as Higher Education, to improve student engagement, performance, welfare and retention. We’re excited to bring this solution and our growing information insight services to UK customers, where there is a strong appetite for the next wave of powerful business intelligence strategies.”

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