Rethink security for adaptability

, Dec 20, 2021

Security is one of the biggest challenges that any organisation can face. As businesses look to adopt a hybrid approach, the lack of a clearly definable network perimeter has undoubtedly increased the risk of threat and attack substantially.

With increased risk comes the need for increased monitoring across a seemingly never-ending number of data collection points across a wide range of applications and accessible platforms. Research from Cisco shows that 66% of breaches take months or even years to discover. Additionally, the risk of human error and increasing pressure on internal resources can make it difficult to create a comprehensive security approach that not only tackles the external threat but is easy to manage and administer internally too.

Securing a borderless workforce quickly and against a volatile opponent is a particularly difficult challenge. Organisations need to rethink traditional security systems to better allocate resource and respond to cybersecurity risks and attacks.

We need to explore, discover, and devise new ways in which technology can help, by removing the human element, where possible and desirable, and by limiting and swiftly rectifying the damage done when human error occurs. Likewise, we need to leverage ever-improving machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) software to help augment human capability.

Businesses need to work with specialists that can help them understand the nature of the threats they face, and the weak links in their defences that offer criminals easy ways in. This means closely examining all aspects of security from a technology, process, and people perspective, to identify actual and potential weaknesses. From these learnings, robust, practical, fit-for-purpose security architectures and policies can be built.

Simon Sharkey, Cloud & Hybrid IT Practice Lead, Logicalis UK&I, said, “Cybercriminals and their strategies for attack are continually evolving. In response, organisations must continually evolve to counteract attacks and minimise any disruption and downtime. Doing this in a cost effective and optimised manner can be a challenge. Businesses should give careful consideration to the value of establishing a partnership security expert and experienced managed services provider who can provide advice and guidance no matter what stage a business is currently at. These partners are able to provide a holistic and integrated service that offers continuous protection well into the future.”

A successful security strategy is more than a product or service; it’s a process. And like the methods used to attack you, it will never stop evolving. The only effective approach to security is a holistic, architectural approach – one that is manageable, adaptable, resilient, and responsive.

When moving to a hybrid approach, getting the security approach right is business critical. Business leaders need to consider how to keep employees and customers safe no matter where they are, taking a holistic approach to security. Logicalis’ security solution, Secure OnMesh, offers a scalable, cost-effective platform with a single overview of security systems, enhanced by AI and machine learning. Rapid change is constant when it comes to cybersecurity and therefore leaders should keep their businesses safe with a machine learning enhanced security platform.

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