Effective data management is essential to effective data exploitation

, Jul 30, 2021

By Mark Benson

Data management is a journey – data and technology evolve, change and grow, and data management has to evolve with them. In a data-driven economy, this journey has to run in lockstep with the business journey, understanding and managing data in line with the needs and goals of the organisation at the time.

Many companies have generated so much data over the years, with 84% of businesses looking to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to obtain or sustain a competitive advantage. In a previous blog, we discussed how there is no AI without Information Architecture (IA) – explaining how businesses need to modernise their storage to make their data ready for an AI and hybrid cloud world.

Unused and mismanaged assets generate cost and risk without adding value. As data grows in importance as a corporate asset, it becomes increasingly critical to manage it efficiently – to minimise cost and risk, and maximise value. Even in the age of Cloud, data management can have a big impact on data costs.

Effective data management doesn’t magically make data capacity forecasts 100% accurate, but a combination of data management measures can greatly mitigate storage cost challenges. Reliable metadata, getting rid of data silos, fluid data tiering in a hyper-converged architecture, or adopting an opex model where data capacity is paid for only when it’s needed, all help deliver storage cost reductions through tighter control.

One of Logicalis’ strategic partners is IBM, and IBM Storage provides a flexible, high-performance information architecture for AI and hybrid cloud with global data access and services that are simple to manage, faster to access and optimized to scale.

IBM Cloud Pak® for Data is a fully integrated data and AI platform that enables organizations to accelerate AI-powered transformation by unleashing productivity and reducing complexity. Collect, organize, and analyse data; then infuse AI throughout your business within a collaborative platform experience.

Cloud-native by design, IBM Cloud Pak for Data is built on and takes advantage of the underlying resource and infrastructure optimization and management in Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform. The solution can be deployed on any cloud and fully supports multi-cloud environments such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud® and private cloud deployments. Its key integrated features span the entire analytics lifecycle from data management and DataOps to business analytics and AI. Key benefits include:

Single, unified platform

Bring data management, data governance, data science and AI capabilities together on an intuitive integrated platform based on your needs.

Built-in governance

Use automated end-to-end governance to help enforce policies and rules across your organization and quickly respond to changing regulations.

Extensible and customizable

Flexibly deploy data and AI services from a growing catalogue of proprietary, 3rd party and open source services to build the platform that best suits your needs.

Pre-built AI and industry applications

Innovate at speed thanks to industry solutions for IT operations, customer service, risk and compliance, and financial operations.

Designed for hybrid cloud

Deploy the platform in almost any environment, whether on[1]premises or on the cloud, due to its cloud-native design and Red Hat OpenShift foundations.

Logicalis are passionate about solving our customers’ business challenges and can share our extensive experience and roadmap for successful data transformation to help you achieve successful outcomes to your data challenges.

If you would like to learn more about Data Management, you can download our free eBook here. If you would like to understand more by speaking to one our of specialists, please email info@uk.logicalis.com and we will set up an initial call.

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