Internet of Things (IoT) to affect 69% of Channel Island firms within three years

, Nov 27, 2017

69% of Channel Island firms expect the Internet of Things (IOT) to affect their products, services, or operations within three years.

A survey by Logicalis of top IT executives around the world found just 8% of Channel Island firms are currently using IoT devices – a third of the global average (24%). Local organisations are also a long way behind the UK where 21% of organisations already use IoT.

However, Channel Island companies will be stepping up. 19% of Chief Information Officers surveyed expect the IoT to affect their organisation’s services, products or operations within six to 12 months; 23% within 12-24 months; 19% within 24-36 months; and 19% after 36 months.

Only 12% of Channel Island organisations believe they will never be affected by the Internet of Things – less than the UK (18%) but significantly more than the global average (7%).

Tom Bale, Business Development and Technical Director, Logicalis, said: “Channel Island organisations are a long way behind UK and global counterparts in embracing the Internet of Things and incorporating IoT into their operations and offerings. However, this is something which looks like it will change very quickly and we would expect the picture to be different in a few years’ time.

“As with a lot of digital change, companies reach a tipping point where not adapting and adopting new technology means falling behind competitors who have. This is the stage where organisations feel the need to accelerate.”

Customer service and improved operations are the key areas where IoT may complement businesses. 58% of CIOs surveyed by Logicalis thought the IoT would improve customer service and improve operations. 50% thought it would enhance products and services, 35% thought it would help development of new products and new service lines, and 15% thought it would improve partnerships.

Tom said: “Companies face many challenges as they embrace the Internet of Things, in particular over security of IoT devices, security of apps, and security of the data collected by the devices. Cybercriminals are out to exploit security gaps wherever they can find them so as companies roll out more products and services they need to ensure consumers understand how to use them properly to ensure they are not compromising their own data privacy.”

The Logicalis Global CIO Survey 2017-2018 questioned nearly 1,000 Chief Information Officers and IT directors around the world about issues surrounding digital transformation.

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