Press release - Logicalis SMC enriches ServiceNow with Mirror42

, Feb 12, 2013

Logicalis SMC has signed an agreement with Mirror42 to collaborate closely on the ServiceNow ITSM SaaS solution in the Benelux countries. When implementing ServiceNow, Logicalis SMC will from now on offer clients Mirror42 dashboards & scorecards on an optional basis, enabling IT departments to manage and improve their objectives.

Eugene Wolf, CEO of Logicalis SMC, said: “There’s clearly demand for additional reporting within ServiceNow. After carefully evaluating possible ServiceNow reporting tools, we came to the conclusion that Mirror42 currently offers the strongest and best fit for ServiceNow. Speed of deployment and user interface integration were by far and away the stand-out features.”

ServiceNow already offers various reporting possibilities at operational level, but Mirror42 offers more options and depth on a tactical and strategic level, such as trend analyses and role-based reporting. Mirror42 is fully integrated in ServiceNow as a plug-in without any impact on the solution’s stability and performance. Logicalis SMC believes there’s strong demand for more extensive reporting capabilities among ServiceNow clients, and the collaboration comes at an excellent time.

Marcel Smit, CEO of Mirror42, said: “Logicalis SMC was a pioneer in the ServiceNow market and has in-depth knowledge of IT Service Management. For that reason we’re very proud that Logicalis SMC has decided to collaborate closely with Mirror42. We take it as a compliment that Logicalis SMC, a renowned ITSM specialist and the largest ServiceNow implementation partner, has chosen the added value that we offer.”

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About Mirror42

Mirror42 KPI Dashboards & Scorecards allow IT departments to manage IT goals and improve business performance. Dashboards and Scorecards are updated every day and packed with over 50 standard KPIs related to ITIL and ITSM processes. From top level KPIs, customers can drill down into workgroup performance or customer performance and use analytical functions such as moving averages to weed out seasonal influences. With Mirror42 for ServiceNow IT executives can truly understand the performance of the IT organisation and drive continuous improvements.

On the 9th of July 2013 Mirror42 was acquired by ServiceNow.

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