Press Release: Rob Akershoek New Chairman of Open Group IT4IT Forum

, Jun 30, 2016

Rijswijk, 30 June 2016

IT Management Architect Rob Akershoek of Logicalis SMC has been appointed as Chairman of the Open Group IT4IT Forum. Eighty organisations that are affiliated with the IT4IT Architecture Framework elected Akershoek with a large majority. The Open Group is a worldwide consortium that enables the realisation of business objectives using IT standards.

Akershoek was present at IT4IT’s birth – it had its origin at Shell, where the model was invented. He worked there at that time on its realisation, before it was even called IT4IT. Open Group gladly adopted the model, after which the developments gained momentum and ever more organisations are conforming to it. Recently, Akershoek published a book about the Architecture Framework (‘IT4IT for Managing the Business of IT’).

Akershoek would like to bring the Architecture Framework to the next phase. ‘In the last two years we have made a running start with the IT4IT Forum. We also have a following wind because IT organisations now have to go to a lot of trouble to remain hitched up to the business. This framework gives a good hold for this. The advantage is that it’s supplier-neutral and therefore very flexible. The basis of the framework is rock-solid and many customer organisations and suppliers such as HP, Microsoft and IBM have already conformed to it. Logicalis SMC too has transformed itself from an ITSM specialist into an IT4IT knowledge bureau and supports customers in their transformation into flexible IT service brokers. During the coming year, we will further elaborate the model and refine it by providing it with even more handles, for example to manage and direct a multi-vendor environment professionally. Crucial to this is the standardisation of interfaces between all providers. Further, we will connect even more suppliers who are going to develop IT4IT solutions to the model. With the forces that are already bundled within the forum, this is certain to succeed.’


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About Logicalis SMC
Logicalis SMC is the IT4IT powerhouse that transforms IT organisations into dynamic, agile service providers. We achieve this by enabling IT professionals, processes, tools and external IT vendors to work coherently, giving CIOs a firm grip on their service provision and enabling them to support the business proactively with innovative services. We draw up a new blueprint for the department, streamline and automate the primary processes using best practices and support personnel during the transformation process. The result is a department that operates as a coherent unit, delivers better service for the business and rolls out releases faster and with higher quality.

We are convinced that the success of an IT transformation depends on vigour, dedication and teamwork. And we develop proven solutions based on the IT4IT Reference Architecture of The Open Group, which we ourselves also worked on. 

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