Reducing Digital Waste

United Kingdom, Nov 23, 2022

By Neil Thurston, Chief Technologist, Logicalis UKI

Sustainability is imperative to all our futures and is directly impacted by every device we use that consumes power. This includes the on-premises and cloud infrastructures that power our digital work lives. To be as sustainable as possible we need to ensure that we are consuming the least amount of infrastructure to host our workloads and services, without impacting their availability, performance or governance.

If we flip this conversation and look at it from another angle, when we have more infrastructure resources than we need, we have digital waste. Digital waste represents not just over-spending on unnecessary infrastructure resources but also unnecessary carbon emissions.

The latest annual State of Cloud Report from Flexera states that on average 32% of all cloud spend is wasted on unused resources. It’s not a stretch too far to assume that roughly the same exists in the data centre (although analyst reports suggest it can be as high as 70%) and that therefore at least a third of our hybrid infrastructure is digital waste and is needlessly emitting carbon.

As part of our commitment to sustainable IT, we need to address this. Enter IBM Turbonomic.

Turbonomic addresses digital waste in both the cloud and the data centre, a unique proposition to its main competitors that only address cloud. Turbonomic matches the resource demand of workloads with the resource supply on-premises and in clouds – in other words it right-sizes each workload. Unlike simpler tools that simply look to maximise cost-savings, Turbonomic ensures that every change it recommends and executes balances cost, performance, and governance for each workload. So, you may not always maximise cost savings with Turbonomic, when compared to other cloud cost management tools, but Turbonomic will never impact user experience or your compliance posture while be trusted to automatically make changes to reduce digital waste (and costs).  

By using Turbonomic in your clouds, you will always be running your workloads on optimised resources with minimal digital waste. By using Turbonomic in your data centres you can shrink your hardware and licence footprint and/or host more workloads on the same infrastructure without any additional investment, again minimising your digital waste.

There was always a strong justification for hybrid cloud environments to use Turbonomic to save costs. When you additionally factor in the positive contribution it makes to your sustainability goals by reducing digital waste and carbon emissions, it really is a win-win for you and the environment.

As trusted advisers to IBM customers and a Turbonomic Partner, Logicalis can help your hybrid cloud environment operate more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Contact us today if you have any questions about Turbonomic or would like to discuss your Sustainable IT strategy in more detail.  You can also download our ebook for considerations and solutions to driving sustainable IT.


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