Driving Sustainability with Technology Lifecycle Management

United Kingdom, Sep 18, 2023

By Rob Price, Network & Connectivity Director, Logicalis UKI

Sustainability has become a critical issue for businesses across the globe, and the IT industry is no exception. With increasing awareness of environmental impact, organisations are now looking to adopt sustainable IT practices that minimise their negative impact on the environment. Sustainable IT aims to reduce the environmental footprint of all areas of IT operations, from the purchasing, usage and disposal of IT assets to the energy consumption of IT equipment.

One of the essential components of sustainable IT is the management and disposal of IT assets which has an environmental cost, and if not done properly, can have a huge impact on your business’ carbon footprint.  Organisations need to implement proper asset management and practices to ensure that IT assets are used efficiently and that they are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. This includes proper inventory management, tracking and monitoring of IT assets, and responsible recycling and disposal of electronic waste.

Another important concept in sustainable IT is the sustainable IT Supply chain and circular economy. This refers to the idea of making the most of the technology you have, and consider remanufactured technology without compromising performance, warranty, and support contracts. By adopting a circular economy model, businesses can reduce waste and minimise the environmental impact of their IT operations by reusing and repurposing IT equipment instead of disposing of it.

Sustainable IT also involves reducing the energy consumption of IT equipment. This includes using more power-efficient equipment and optimising power usage through smart building technology. Smart buildings allow for the network to power off equipment in parts of the building that are not in use, thereby reducing energy consumption and costs. In addition, the massive increase in popularity of cloud-based services has allowed organisations to reduce the size of their ‘on-prem’ IT estate by moving applications and services to the cloud. This reduction in on-prem infrastructure helps to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the organisation.

By using IT to drive down greenhouse gas emissions, organisations can make their business more sustainable, and as new environmental legislation comes in, businesses will hear more about scope 3 emissions and the need to reduce them and require metrics to demonstrate reduction plans.

How can Logicalis help?


At Logicalis, we provide a full range of services that help our customers to measure and reduce the environmental impact of their technology. Backed by a team of experts, we are working with some of the leading TLM solution providers that enable customers to achieve sustainability goals, meet government mandates and transform their business.

Onsite deinstallations of unwanted IT and data destruction services.

or redeploy devices. Assets can be returned for reuse or remarketed with residual value back to your business.

Environmentally sound disposal for products that have reached their end of useful life.

Comprehensive environmental impact reporting against industry best practices, frameworks, and your net zero targets.

Support Sustainability Goals with Cisco Refresh- get the value of Cisco products at significant savings with fully Certified Remanufactured equipment.

Environmental Sustainability may have been around for a long time but nowadays we are seeing customer’s ecological and social awareness as a key purchase criterion. With organisations implementing sustainable procurement practices to ensure that they are purchasing IT equipment from vendors who prioritise sustainability and environmental responsibility, remanufactured products offer numerous advantages. They require less energy and material, allowing businesses to protect the environment and save money - with the same product quality and service life.

The Cisco Refresh (Certified Remanufactured) program helps support a sustainable future with quality products that lessen your environmental footprint by reducing resources required and waste.

With Cisco Refresh you can purchase genuine Cisco certified remanufactured products at competitive pricing that allows you to acquire more equipment or use your savings for additional solutions.

  • Thousands of products, across Cisco technologies, are in stock and ready to ship.
  • When you buy certified Cisco remanufactured equipment, you’re eligible for the same warranty and support options you’d get with new products.

Working in partnership, Logicalis and Cisco are taking action to help our customers reduce greenhouse gas emissions and minimise waste.  As a certified Cisco Gold Partner and qualified to the highest levels for implementation, services, and support of all Cisco technologies, our specialists can help support your sustainability goals.

Minimise risk and achieve net zero goals

At Logicalis, we work closely with our customers to fully understand their individual needs. Drawing on over 30 years’ experience and independent knowledge, our goal is always to present the IT solutions and insights that best suit your unique requirements.

Sustainable technologies are developing fast, and organisations must invest in sustainable solutions to comply with environmental regulations and address ESG demands.  Sustainability should be a part of a business’s overall strategy, and organisations must prioritise sustainability in their IT operations to meet the growing demands for sustainable practices.

Our recent IT Survey Results highlighted 30% of all respondents reporting that complying with environmental legislation and committing to long-term sustainability are among the most important challenges facing businesses today


DOWNLOAD your free copy of the IT Survey Results for insights on the challenges and top IT trends.

Read more about Logicalis' sustainability commitments and goals HERE.

Contact us today if you have any questions or would like to discuss how to measure and reduce the environmental impact of your technology, data security, or the Cisco Refresh program.

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