Delta Lloyd

, Dec 14, 2015

“Instead of replacing our ITSM solution, we’re now working closely with Logicalis SMC on something much bigger at Delta Lloyd: we’ve called it ‘Management 3.0.'”

- Berrie Vlietstra, IT Director Delta Lloyd -
The customer
Delta Lloyd Group is an expert, reliable and accessible financial services provider. A trusted partner for insurance, pensions, investing and banking since 1807. Goal is to offer financial security, now and in the future. Delta Lloyd Group delivers clear, reliable and contemporary products and services that meet their customers’ needs and creates value for them, our shareholders and our employees.
The challenge
“I wanted to go further than just a new turnkey ServiceNow based ITSM solution so now we’re working together with Logicalis SMC to take IT-Guardian to the next level. A best-practice solution that includes not only incident, problem, change and configuration management, but also all other IT processes, in accordance with the IT4IT reference model from Open Group.”
The solution
“After insourcing we completely decoupled the place where IT is made from the place where it’s consumed. Which device you use at the front end is no longer important. You use a generic infrastructure to contact the servers in the data centre to access applications and data. Nothing has to be kept on the devices now.”
The advantages
We’ve concentrated all the complexity in the back office and simplified the working environment for the employee. Now it’s no longer relevant whether it comes from our own datacentre or from a cloud solution. It’s available, that’s what matters. And that makes it easier for us to fulfil the broker function. Where is it best for us to host? Who offers the best value for money this month?”

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