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Confidence is knowing what data you have where

Data can be your biggest business asset when mining it for insights and your biggest business risk if stolen or non-compliant with regulations. The only certainty is that the amount of data you have perpetually increases. 

In order to stay in control, you need to know what data you have where and govern it, protect it and manage it all while extracting value from it.

of all data is unstructured. Unstructured data is hogging your primary storage. [source: Gartner]
of unstructured data is rarely accessed. Most of your unstructured data can reside on cheaper, slower cloud storage without any business impact. [source: Gartner]
the amount of capacity on your existing primary storage you could claim back by implementing an unstructured data management solution with Logicalis. [source: Komprise]

Data Governance

Data governance solutions continually discover the data in your organisation and classify it, determining what kind of data it is and whether it is sensitive. Policies ensure regulatory compliance and best-practice governance are applied to the data with location and access controls.

Logicalis data governance solutions work across on-premises and cloud environments. We work with market leading partners, including Microsoft, NetApp and IBM.

Data Protection

Modern data protection solutions collapse several protection capabilities into a single platform – backup protection from data deletion or corruption, disaster recovery and business continuity protection from non-availability of data and ransomware protection from encrypting or deleting protected data.

Logicalis data protection solutions work across on-premises, cloud and SaaS environments. We work with market leading partners, including Veeam, Rubrik, IBM and Microsoft.

Unstructured Data Management

Left uncontrolled, unstructured data hogs storage volumes with files that are rarely accessed. This leads to continual investment cycles in additional primary storage capacity.

Modern unstructured data management takes a different approach. Data is analysed for what it is and when it was last accessed and policies control tiering of data to cheaper and slower storage and eventually archive. All tiering is transparent, meaning that users, devices and apps are not affected by the movement of data between tiers.

Logicalis unstructured data management solutions work across on-premises and cloud environments. We work with market leading partners, including Komprise, NetApp and IBM.

Data Analytics

Within data analytics, business intelligence (BI) is the ability to visualise disparate sources of data to gain new insights and make better decisions. BI solutions provide a unified and scalable platform to connect data sources from on-premises and cloud sources, whether structured or unstructured, and flexible ways to analyse, secure and visualise the data.

Logicalis data analytics solutions work across on-premises and cloud environments. We work with market leading partners, including IBM and Microsoft.

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